Look beyond the medical model seduction

Can you look beyond the medical model seduction? Mental health is a trendy topic in our conversations nowadays. Numerous charities as well as governmental and world organisations are campaigning to “reduce stigma” around mental illness, making a clear distinction between mental health and mental illness and implying that only some of us are affected. To differentiate between mental health and mental illness our world is still using the medical model which involves an assessment, diagnosis and a treatment plan, based obviously on labels and categorisations. We know there are many flaws in the mental health assessment and diagnostic system, yet we continue to follow it. I did it myself for many years. One day I realised that no label can possibly describe the large variety of human experience, also that it is very difficult for the medical professionals to capture the unique and subjective nuances of people’s inner worlds. Looking …

Look beyond the medical model seduction


Discover 4 new ways to understand your personality

Want to discover 4 new ways to understand your personality? You probably used at least one test to find out more about your personality profile. Perhaps you have integrated the result of that test into our identity already and would describe yourself using desired qualities such a “resilient”, “patient”, “creative”, “hard working”, “confident”, “reliable” and so on. Very few of us will talk about the less pleasant aspects of our being and some remain truly convinced that they are perfect and have nothing to work on. To a level or another, we are probably all deluded in our image about ourselves, as well as in our view of the others and the world around us. How else can we be when we grow up and live in a world that discourages imperfection? The reality of our human nature is, however, a bit different. None of us is perfect or will …

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You can choose who you want to be

We, people, value our independence. We like to feel free to move, think and behave and we like to feel free to make choices. There are however some basic facts about our nature which are little contemplated, yet quite essential to our wellbeing.  One of the most important is that we do not get to make all the choices in life. In fact, the concept of choice is another illusion created by the world around us. Humans are not asked for permission to come to life, they just happen to be. Life is a given that can be seen both in positive and negative light, and most people will go through stages that will make their life experience both extraordinary and horrible. My work with clients showed me that the significance of not having a say in coming to life, in what time, place, and in what specific package can be …

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What if my right is your wrong?

What if my right is your wrong? I cannot count the number of times I came accross the righteousness topic. When my right is your wrong we usually have a problem. Out of all the dichotomies there are, the right vs wrong has been probably the most used in the history of humanity and is today a common theme in our day to day narrative. We embraced it as part of our values, put it at the front of our morality and character, and we use it as a general guide in our life affairs. But where do we draw the line between right & wrong? Where does the right starts and ends and, subsequently, where does wrong come into place? And what is its relevance for us people? I am thinking that it is very important since we live our lives by what we think is right, make choices that we think …

What if my right is your wrong?


The 5 mistakes that block your happiness

If you like most people then you live with the desire to grow, expand and have a happy and fulfilling life. Here’s the 5 mistakes that block your happiness. What stays in your way of creating the life of our dreams is often our yown programming and a number of reasoning errors you learned in time. Error no. 1: You think life is easy This is wrong. Human existence is not always easy, we like to delude ourself it is, because this is what we’ve been told.  Life on Earth is actually demanding and challenging on many levels and our complex needs and desires do not help us adjust with ease all the time. One of the problems is that we have not been encouraged to talk about our difficulties when we were little and we continue to live in that default, pretending we cope with life and ignoring our …

The 5 mistakes that block your happiness

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