Diagnosed by Dr. Google

I thought I’d share with you a case study from my work with clients to raise awareness that sometimes in our need to understand what’s happening with us we rush into drawing conclusions and put labels on our thinking and behaviour that can be very detrimental to our wellbeing.             …

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Wellbeing tips for the weekend

Everybody loves weekends, don’t we? Yet, some of us can’t fully enjoy this precious time for various reasons.  A conflict with a partner, family member or a dear friend… A difficult work situation, money worries, so many things missing that we cannot see what we actually have, bad weather or, sadly, illness, distress, exhaustion, discomfort …

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10 steps towards healing

We get hurt in life constantly and we repair our being as we go along. Healing comes in many shapes and forms and through a large variety of channels.  Healing is in fact right there, within us, in front of us, around us… all we need is to allow our senses to connect with it. …

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Here is the medical model seduction

Mental health is a trendy topic in our conversations nowadays. Numerous charities as well as governmental and world organisations are campaigning to “reduce stigma” around mental illness, making a clear distinction between mental health and mental illness and implying that only some of us are affected. To differentiate between mental health and mental illness our …

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