AWAKEN! To heal and open to happiness.

“If you are depressed you are living in the past.
 If you are anxious you are living in the future.
 If you are at peace you are living in the present.”
 Lao Tzu

My Story, Journey & Learnings

I’ve come to learn that in every family someone is born with this great purpose:

to awaken, to start healing the hurt and stop passing trauma to future generations.

Let That Person Be YOU!

Be the awakened one that starts the journey of self-discovery, healing and real personal development.

And then, share that wisdom with others.

You will create a life filled with meaning.

You will contribute to elevating the collective consciousness.

And you will open to happiness!



You cannot move through life untouched. Many of us experience trauma early in life.


And it does not have to be an overt event directed to you like physical, psychological or sexual abuse

Unintentional neglect, emotionally unavailable parentswitnessed domestic abuseaddicted parents, separation or divorce, poverty, inequality and discrimination and other adverse childhood experiences (ACE) can make you feel like you are not being seen and considered and become covert traumatic experiences that stay in the way of your happiness and fulfilment in life.


Like many of us, perhaps you are the child of some traumatised parents and grandparents that have endured war, famine and social injustice and you absorbed their pain. 

Often, without knowing, parents and caregivers “download” in you painful memories, stories and behaviours from your ancestors’ past that add to your individual trauma with what we call “transgenerational trauma”.

This traumatic inheritance gets integrated in your identity and it can be easily passed onto your children through genes and, in the absence of awareness, it can also be passed unconsciously onto them and others in social interaction as well.

What stems out of your traumatic past, whether inherited or lived, is a wide range of feelings like anxiety, depression, rage, compulsions, dependency, and sometimes guilt. And to cope, you keep working. You keep distracted. You deny or supress your pain

you wonder how i know it?

Hi, I’m Nicoleta! I was born into a family dominated by transgenerational trauma, abuse and addiction. When the pain became unbearable, I chose to awaken, I started healing the hurt and I opened to happiness. I chose to do the inner work and I started my journey of real personal development.

Throughout the 2 decades I spent in the world of psychology and therapy and thousands of hours of clinical and research practice I learned many valuable lessons and I remained committed to  my own personal transformation journey. On the way, I also guided many others turn their traumatic past into connection, happiness and fulfilment.


One of my greatest lessons taught me that challenges show up in our lives for a reason. They come to teach us something, but it is not always easy to see it when we live in confusion, trauma and pain. 

Often we waste our valuable time trying to resist adversities, to deny their existence or to pretend they are not important. That does not make them go away though!

As a survivor of childhood trauma I struggled in life a lot and my studies and training did not help much. I remember starting my career feeling completely helpless in my role as a clinical psychologist in a palliative care hospital, working with the dying and their many regrets, unfulfilled dreams and ruptured relationships left behind.

Time passed and despite my clinical work, personal therapy and ongoing training in psychotherapy and counsellingI was still very much trapped in my programmed mind when I was diagnosed with Triple Negative Breast Cancer in my mid 40s. What saved me was a profound spiritual awakening I had from the bed of an A&E department in a London hospital when I nearly died from a chest infection, two months into my chemotherapy treatment.

Building on that presence and conscious awareness I transcended the pain and I finally surrendered to what was. I turned within and I started to heal the trauma passed on to me through generations, and that finally ignited my real transformation process. Empowered by my new mantra “I have the choice” I learned to live a more mindful life and I found the clarity and the inner peace I’ve been searching for.

When I reflect on my life journey these days I can see that everything I experienced in my private, social and professional life was meant to happen to bring me where I am today. My mystical grandmother that brought me up, my traumatic childhood, my relationship struggles, my illness, my perfectionism and workaholism have all brought me precious teachings and have informed my work and career all along.

I lived for the most part of my life blinded by my mental programming! Not anymore! I have now learned my lessons! I have found mental clarity! I regained my freedom! I liberated myself!

These days I find great purpose in helping happiness seekers “liberate” themselves too.

To help you heal your transgenerational trauma, my programmes create a bridge between psychology, anthropology, epigenetics, quantum physics, logotherapy, transpersonal psychology and eastern spirituality traditions. They are designed to guide you escape your tunnel mind and release your pain so you can open to joy and happiness and the infinite possibilities life has to offer you.

what keeps you stuck

You struggle to understand trauma and don’t know where to start in your self-discovery, healing and personal growth journey.

You are often overwhelmed by traumatic pain and suffering that make it hard to feel joyful and alive.

You have awakened but you lack clarity and direction in life, and you feel confused with what you should be doing next.

You are struggling to maintain a sense of presence and mindful living and get trapped in overthinking, worrying and negativity.

Be kind with yourself. After decades of brainwashing and conditioning you need time to adjust to a new way of being

liberate yourself

With guidance you can learn to practice conscious awareness and go deeper into your inner work. This will help you rewire your brain and through the process of neuroplasticity you will create a new mind, the mind of your choice.

A consistent mindful practice will help you in time to heal and you will gradually escape the prison of your programmed mind to step into the freedom and liberation you crave to have in life.

If you are ready to unstuck yourself, to step out of confusion and release the unnecessary pain and suffering you carry within you, I will guide you.

If you are ready to transcend your overthinking, to become the observer of your mind and experience life beyond the physical world, I will show you the way.

If you ready to accept the ambivalence of life and remain open to joy and fulfilment despite the shadows from the past, the unpleasantness of the present and the worries for the future, I will counsel you.

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