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I am available for a range of media engagements and can be interviewed via phone, email and face to face. 

I speaks on any topic related to human mind, human nature and the impact of the systems and institutions of this world on our wellbeing.


Wellbeing & Wellness In Our Fast Changing World

The Real Personal Growth & Development

Renewing The Self Journey           

The Roots Of Confidence

Motivation And Success               

Performance & The Sense Of Worth

Identity Behind The Masks            

The Power Of Truth

Finding Meaning & Purpose         

Unlocking The Limiting Beliefs

The Way To Fulfillment       

Balancing The Inner & Outer World

The Key To Positive Relationships

Holding Onto Joy And Happiness

Career & Vocation In The Digital World    

How To Unleash Your Creativity

Awakening Through Loss & Bereavement 

What’s Beyond Anxiety

Before, During And After Depression

Addiction – From Causes To Healing

Trauma That Changed Your Life 

Understanding Mental Health Stigma

Counselling & Psychotherapy Limits 

Through The Lenses Of Online Therapy 

Coaching As Empowerment       

The Power Of Mentoring

Understanding Human Nature    

Opening The Doors To Intuition & Wisdom

Learning About Self-Care & Self-Compassion              

The Distance Between Hurt And Healing

Living With Shame & Guilt        

Sexuality Beyond Taboos And Prejudice