I am dedicating my work to you Happiness Seekers that have survived relational trauma and are ready to heal, open to joy and transform.

Currently, I am offering two different types of programmes. 


Weekly sessions


Slow paced


Experience driven


Short programmes

Time limited



Results driven


You are a Millennial to Gen X, spending time at work, with friends and family or out and about in cafes, vibrant places and green parks.
You value human connection and you would love to spend more time with your dear ones, in inner peace, going outside and travelling.
You love deep conversations about the state of the world, awareness and consciousness, programming and conditioning, self-discovery, healing and personal growth.
You appreciate good music and you enjoy  watching comedies, adventure, romantic, historical movies and interesting documentaries.
You love to read and your follow spiritual teachers and thinkers. You feel inspired by their work, yet you need personalised support to help you heal inside.


You have inherited and then personally lived some relational trauma that is still unhealed. The pain you carried with you as a child was to much to bear, so you disconnected from your feelings, both good and bad.

Over the years, the family, the school and your culture programmed you to develop into the person that you are today, with this mindset and behaviours which create your personality, your social persona. Parts of this social persona are not authentic and are unaligned with your real Self.

  You work hard, you want to achieve, you follow the crowds and you compare yourself with others, but despite all your efforts you remain disconnected and struggle in relationship. Inside, you often feel insufficient and “not good enough” which brings emotional unbalance, confusion and pain. 

 Lately, you realised that your past is impacting your relationships and your happiness and fulfilment in life.

You work to understand your existence, to accept what is, to let go of the past and to integrate your life learnings into a coherent and meaningful lesson that can help you forgive, heal and transform.

 The awareness takes you back to your unresolved trauma and makes you wish you could release that pain and open to joy and happiness. You can continue to live in pain and suffering or you can choose to change and transform. You are only a few steps away from freedom and liberation.

Not sure where to start your journey of SELF-DISCOVERY, HEALING and PERSONAL GROWTH? 


You have lost your sense of self, you are confused and uncertain around your purpose and direction in life.
Your upsetting relationship issues are marked by conflict, loss and betrayal.
You acknowledge your old buried trauma and are willing to heal, to experience life not as a victim, but as a learner, survivor and thriver.
After you have spiritually awakened, you are now more aware, more self-reflective, more mindful and more able to embrace presence.
Still, often you get stuck in your mind, overthinking and drowning in negativity and self-sabotage.
At times you fell inadequate, have low self-esteem, self-confidence and self-worth.
There is pressure around your work, career and finances.
You are aching inside and you face anxiety, depression, addiction, co-dependency or physical illness.
More than ever, you are ready to change and transform.


The old relational trauma created injuries on your self and, as a result, you made some bad decision and choices in life. You developed loose boundaries, unstable attachment, clinging and co-dependant relationships, often functioning at extremes, from disengagement to high intensity. You lacked genuine, consistent support, at times you struggled with poor communication, and overall you have not learned to manage conflict well in life.

As you are (almost) half way through life now you feel the pressure to achieve and prove yourself to the world. You compare yourself with others and you tend to be dissatisfied with your achievements. You also feel shame and guilt for the past and don’t know where to start to put your life together.

The pain you are feeling now that you are awakening to the true nature of your reality is hurting you. The realisation of the impermanence of life and the lack of safety and stability in the world, in your  home and in relationships, in your job/career together with the financial insecurity bring feelings of despair and purposelessness that you cannot ignore anymore.



You want a happy life, nothing unusual:

To start and end each day with joy, aliveness and excitement.
To approach life with confidence and fulfil your most intimate dreams and aspirations.
To make yourself available for a bright future and grow as a person each day.
To have a satisfying job and career and a good quality of life.
To understand your past and heal your wounds.
To resolve your conflicts and repair your broken relationships.
To give and receive love, and to feel valued and appreciated.
To live in harmony with your family, the others and the world around you.
To open to happiness and live in peace, not tension.



It came into my learning that what’s missing in the world right now is genuine healing. 

Genuine healing is not an isolated healing or an imagined healing disguised by denial or spiritual bypass.

To genuinely heal you need to heal not just your pain, but also the transgenerational and relational trauma you carry within you. You need to heal you current relational trauma but also your ancestral pain, and to do this you need a framework for healing that leads to real transformation and stops passing trauma to the next generations.

You need a framework that works with your wholeness, to heal your body, mind, soul and outer environment all at the same time. You need a complete immersion into yourself, to embody change and transformation with all parts of your being. 

My Trauma Healing Model starts with a deep understanding of your life circumstances that helps you answer some of the most fundamental existential questions: who are you really, what are you made of, where are you coming from, how did you get here, why are you here and where are you heading to.

This deep understanding will lead to a sense of acceptance of what is and the acceptance will help you to surrender to what was and what is and cannot be changed. The letting go will create some distance from the hurts of the past, will allow you to extract meaning from that pain and learn the lessons that trauma brought into your life.

Enlightened by these learnings you will then tap into forgiveness which will open the door to healing. Your genuine healing will then lead to real life lasting transformation.

I am making you an invitation to expansion. It is more than support, more than education. It is a life reconstruction.

To help you heal your relational trauma, my programmes create a bridge between psychology, anthropology, epigenetics, quantum physics, logotherapy, transpersonal psychology and eastern spirituality traditions. They are designed to guide you escape your tunnel mind and release your pain so you can open to joy and happiness and the infinite possibilities life has to offer you.


Hi, I’m Nicoleta. I’m a Romanian-British Psychologist, Therapist and Trauma Specialist and I’ve been there, I lived this. I sat exactly where you are sitting right now: in confusion and pain. I walked the same journey, exhausted and depleted, feeling lonely, hurt and sad. I asked exactly the same questions: what’s the point of everything, why me, why now?

I eventually transcended the pain and got that glimpse of awakening that taught me what I needed to know. I learned the lessons and I now fulfil my life purpose: I guide others through their inner paths too, I show others the way, I work to raise the level of collective consciousness, to heal relational trauma and to help make the world a better place.


I will show up and I will be there for you.
I will guide you within the depth of you self.
♦ I will light the way when it feels frightening and dark.
I will hold you when you are about to fall.
I will encourage you when you start having doubts.
I will inspire you when you stop believing in yourself.
I will empower you to find meaning and purpose in this gift of life.


You will embrace self-reflection and use personal introspection.
You will work to maintain a consistent practice of presence, awareness and mindful living.
You will consistently do the inner work to discover who you are in your true Self.
You will engage with your past and the unresolved trauma and will start healing.
You will connect with your true needs, wishes, dreams and aspirations and create a beautiful future.
At the end of the programme people notice that you are more balanced, happier and at peace and will be inspired by your glowing, bursting aliveness and vitality.


Through the eyes of my clients

Are we a good fit?

My programmes are not for everyone

I’ve got a special place in my heart for clients who are searching to find why they suffer and not how their suffering is called (diagnosis).
I have a preference for people who search to resolve the cause of their problem not merely to improve their symptoms.
We might be a perfect fit if you crave freedom and liberation and are fed up with the status quo. You dream to free yourself from the oppressive visible and invisible systems running the world and liberate yourself from their conditioning and your false sense of identity.
We might be a perfect fit if you are admiring people that are balanced, anchored into the present moment, that can regulate their mental and emotional life and are open to joy and happiness despite their life hardship.

I don’t get great results in my work when clients:

Have low levels of awareness and are stuck in their programmed mind and thinking.
See life from a place of “know it all” and self-righteousness.
Want a quick fix and are not really ready to do the inner work.


Weekly sessions


Slow paced


Experience driven

Short programmes

Time limited



Results driven