Hi, I’m Nicoleta!

I work with trauma survivors who struggle with anxiety, depression, addiction and relationship problems. I help them unpack and heal their past so they can open to happiness.

and live from a place of peace – not tension.

Early life trauma poisons your life to the level of your cells

And it does not have to be an overt event directed to you like physical, psychological or sexual abuse

Unintentional neglect, emotionally unavailable parents, witnessed domestic abuse, addicted parents, separation or divorce, poverty, inequality and discrimination and other adverse childhood experiences (ACE) can make you feel like you are not being seen and considered and become covert traumatic experiences that stay in the way of your happiness and fulfilment in life.

Often, without knowing, parents and caregivers “download” in you painful memories and stories form your ancestors’ past and add to your individual trauma with what we call “transgenerational trauma”.

It is a heavy load to carry with you in life and to cope you might slip into anxiety, depression, addiction and other afflictions that make your relationships struggle. But it does not have to stay that way!

Each second brings you a new opportunity in life and you have the choice to use it or not.

You can continue to live in suffering or you can awaken and start the journey of self-discovery, healing and personal growth.

Follow my 7 STEPS OF REAL TRANSFORMATION process to completely renew your life:

  1. UNDERSTAND! It is essential to understand what has happened, what is happening and what is about to happen to make even the slightest change in your life.
  2. ACCEPT! The understanding will allow you to accept what has happened and to stop resisting what is. The sooner you accept what cannot be changed, the quicker you will start changing what you can actually control.
  3. LET GO! With the acceptance you surrender and leave the old events in the past. To revisit the memories whenever you wish, but without feeling the emotional charge.
  4. INTEGRATE! The letting go will enable you to integrate those experiences into your current life. You will extract meaning from them and learn the lessons you need for the future.
  5. FORGIVE! When you integrate the past into your present you connect with the power to forgive yourself and all those that have wrong you. You also make amends and behave in ways that make others grant you forgiveness.
  6. HEAL! As soon as you allow yourself to forgive you will start healing. The healing is releasing you from the residual pain and tension you carry within your body, mind and soul.
  7. TRANSFORM! With healing you enter a new stage in your life. You transform into the person you want to be. And you create the life of your dreams.

Use the 7 steps of REAL transformation to explore:


YOUR LIFE SCRIPT. The luggage that has been given to you as part of your ancestry until birth.

YOUR PERSONAL HISTORY. How your life unfolded since birth until this very moment.

YOUR 3 ENTANGLED MINDS BLUEPRINT. How your brilliant brain has been programmed to function in a tunnel mind and how to escape that darkness and shift your life into light, freedom and liberation by rewiring your brain through neuroplasticity.

YOUR 4 RELATIONSHIP CIRCLES ROADMAP. To teach you everything you need to know about the dynamic between your inner world (the relationship with yourself) and your outer world (the relationship with your family, other people and the world).

YOUR ESSENTIAL VALUES and goals in life. To guide you find meaning in life and align with your life purpose.

All captured in a rich, holistic and integrative therapeutic modality expanding on the old paradigms.

Time for real growth and expansion


It does not matter what you’ve been through in life. You are not your life experiences. You have the power to choose and manifest your life experiences right now.

It does not matter what labels have been attached to you by the world. You are not your roles. Your real identity is still waiting to emerge.

It does not matter where you find yourself in your journey through life now. My programme will meet you exactly where you are and will take you exactly where you want to be.

How do I know?

I was born into a family dominated by transgenerational trauma, abuse and addiction. And I chose to be the one that awakens, the one that heals the hurt and works to stop passing trauma to future generations. I chose to do the inner work and I started my journey of self-discovery, healing and personal development.

Throughout the 2 decades in the world of psychology and therapy and thousands of hours of clinical and research practice I remained committed to my own personal transformation journey and I guided many others turn their traumatic past into connection, happiness and fulfilment.


Now, it's your turn - Stop "getting by" each day

and go full speed into the life of your dreams

with one of my therapy programmes 👇


Through the eyes of my clients

We are a good fit if at least 2 of these apply to you:

  • You are curious, inquisitive and committed to your personal development
  • You are willing to change and do the inner work
  • You are a trauma survivor longing for peace and happiness
  • You are stuck in your mind and are ready to escape
  • You identify with your body and want to expand your being
  • You  are fed up with the status quo and tired following the crowds
  • You are confused and want to find clarity and direction in life
  • You want to learn to build and maintain healthy relationship 
  • You are a deep feeler and/or deep thinker
  • You want to connect with your true identity
  • You are a seeker in the process of spiritual awakening
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