Hi, I’m Nicoleta!

I work with wounded parents and educators that struggle in relationships.

I guide them to unpack and heal their past so they can grow relationship attunementopen to happiness and stop passing trauma to future generations.


You are a conscious parent or educator (or their child/student) that cannot manage the ongoing relationships struggles anymore. Dissatisfaction with yourself, conflicts with family members and others, and disappointment in the world structures (politics, economy, social justice, etc.) make you highly distressed.

It all leaves you with anxiety, depression, addiction and/or other afflictions. They helped you cope through life, but you don’t want them in your life anymore.

You are fed up with your way of coping. Your unstable mood, worries, conflicts, obsessions and compulsions are affecting not only you, but also other people around you and you loathe that. You want to stop passing your pain onto others.

The pain is hightened because you have had to be the rock of those around you all your life. You feel a deep sense of shame and guilt as you think the world is expecting you to have it all figured out by now.

To show vulnerability and to acknowledge your problems does not come easy for you.

You tried to get self-help and some external therapy support, but it did not work out for you and you are now looking for a different approach.

Something happened recently that led you through a (profound) spiritual awakening. Maybe it was a break-up, a significant loss or a frightening illness that left you with many existential question.

Often you stay awake at night thinking of your suffering, your relationships struggles and the state of the world. You ask yourself what’s the point of this pain and why are human relationships so complicated. 

You suspect the root of your problems might be the trauma you experienced in life and you are burning to explore that. The pain has become unbearable and you feel ready to confront your issues. Living like this is not an option any longer. You have left things unresolved for a long time and now you are determined to start your inner work and end your suffering and pain. You want to reconnect with your intuition and wisdom and you feel ready to unpack and heal your traumatic luggage.

Enough is enough!


You have experienced glimpses of insight and moments of awareness and have started to practice self-reflection. You are now looking for an experienced guide to help you deepen your self-discovery and tap into presence and coherence.

The more you think, the more curious you get to explore your personal history and what brought you to this point in life.

You are longing to open to joy and happiness and are desperate to improve your relationships and heal in your wholeness.

You are craving to live in peace, connection and happiness with yourself, your family, other people and the world.

You want to know why you suffer and not how your suffering is called. You are committed to resolve the cause of your suffering not just to improve your symptoms.

Ultimately, you want a 360 life makeover to reach clarity and direction in life and connect with your meaning and purpose.




And it does not have to be an overt event directed to you like physical, psychological or sexual abuse

Unintentional neglect, emotionally unavailable parents, witnessed domestic abuse, addicted parents, separation or divorce, poverty, inequality and discrimination and other adverse childhood experiences (ACE) can make you feel like you are not being seen and considered and become covert traumatic experiences that stay in the way of your happiness and fulfilment in life.

Often, without knowing, parents and caregivers “download” in you painful genetic and karmic memories and stories from your ancestors’ past that add to your individual trauma with what we call “transgenerational trauma”.

It is a heavy load to carry with you in life and to cope you might slip into anxiety, depression, addiction and other afflictions that make your relationships struggle. But it does not have to stay that way!

Each second brings you a new opportunity in life and you have the choice to use it or not.

You can continue to live in suffering or you can awaken and start the journey of self-discovery, healing and personal growth.

Time for real growth and expansion


It does not matter what you’ve been through in life. You are not your life experiences. You have the power to choose and manifest your life experiences right now.

It does not matter what labels have been attached to you by the world. You are not your roles. Your real identity is still waiting to emerge.

It does not matter where you find yourself in your journey through life now. My programme will meet you exactly where you are and will take you exactly where you realistically wish to be.

How do I know?

I was born into a family dominated by transgenerational trauma, abuse and addiction. And I chose to be the one that awakens, the one that heals the hurt and works to stop passing trauma to future generations. I chose to do the inner work and I started my journey of self-discovery, healing and personal development.

Throughout the two decades I spent in the world of psychology and therapy and thousands of hours of clinical and research practice I remained committed to my own personal transformation journey and I guided many others turn their traumatic past into connection, happiness and fulfilment.


Now, it's your turn - Stop "getting by" each day

and go full speed into the life of your dreams


I practice a psychotherapy approach that expands on the old paradigms in psychology and psychotherapy.

It is progressive, holistic, integrative and expansive.

It is based on the notions that:

You can only succeed in your self-discovery if you explore your personal history (what happened to you since you were born to the present moment) and your life script (what has been assigned to you before you were born as part of your ancestry).

To look and “see” you need to understand how your 3 entangled minds work and escape the prison of your tunnel mind.

To develop relationship attunement you need to grasp the dynamic played by the 4 relationship circles in your life.

To find, re-affirm and connect with your purpose in life you need to review your essential values for a meaningful life.

To work through and heal your painful past in safety and with gentleness you need to recognise how the transgenerational trauma cycle of pain manifests in your life.

Lastly, you cannot change overnight and clearly not on your own (you probably tried that already many times). You need a guide to accompany you through the 7 Steps of Real Transformation framework that has proven to work in my life and in the lives of hundreds of clients over the years.


I develop online therapy packages to aid you in your journey of self-discovery, healing and personal growth

Three structured online packages.

Also an open-ended therapy programme.

SO YOU CAN live from a place of peace – not tension.


Through the eyes of my clients

We are a good fit if 

  • You are a progressive and conscious parent, educator or seeker that has retained “response ability” and choice in life.
  • You acknowledge you have been wounded and this is impacting your relationships and your overall happiness and fulfilment in life.
  • You are ready to start the journey within and remain committed to your self-discovery, healing and personal growth.
  • You work to understand your existence, to accept what is, to let go of the past and to integrate your life learnings into a coherent and meaningful lesson that helps you forgive, heal and transform.
  • You are devoted to taking care of your body, mind and soul as well as your social persona and the outer environment.
  • You listen to mental health podcasts and read self-development and self-improvement books.
  • You practice daily mindful awareness. You sit in solitude and are orientated within.
  • You work on improving your 4 relationships circles. You take time for self-reflection daily and write in your journal regularly.
  • You aim to live from a place of love, peace and compassion towards yourself, others and the world.
  • You challenge the status quo and are engaged in social justice reflection and action. You take the courage to walk your own path in life.
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