I help you repair your relationships, however challenging they might be, by taking you through an eye-opening journey of self-discovery, healing and personal growth.

To live from a place of peace – not tension.

I know. Relationships can be an infinite source of happiness, connection, fulfilment, stability and safety in life, but sometimes our relationships are marked by conflicts and tension that can affect us really badly deep down inside.

if that's your story too, then This is where you are right now ↓

You feel stuck in at least 1 of your 4 relationship circles

You are in pain.

You are in conflict.

You feel confused, insecure, unworthy and depressed. 

The thought of living like this forever is daunting.

I know that feeling way too well. I have been in your shoes many times until I found the knowledge and wisdom to free myself from the relationship burdens for good.

Now I am here to help you step out of your relationship problems too, so you can let go of the pain and open to happiness.


Time to live from a place of peace not tension

  • You wish you could feel at peace not tensed.
  • You wish you could be happy and content in your relationships.
  • You wish you could feel connected, loved and appreciated.

My studies and clinical work have showed me that healing and personal growth are very possible, so let me guide you, this is my expertise.

I will take through a 4 dimension holistic and integrative approach that helps you reconnect with your mind, body, spirit and the world around you, so you can live from a sense of expansion, joy and appreciation for life.

Moreover, I will hold your hand and walk with you every step of the way to ensure you get out of confusion and create the life of your dreams.


Because NO, relationship problems don’t resolve by themselves

It took me 2 decades of studies and intimate therapy work with hundreds of clients, on top of my personal challenging journey in life, to unlock the key to create, repair and maintain healthy relationships with ourselves, our family, others and the world.

The result of that work is the 4 relationship circles roadmap, a proven formula that helped me and hundreds of clients overcome our relationship problems and return back to aliveness and vitality.

If you accept the invitation for this fun, exploratory and captivating journey of self-discovery, healing and personal growth I will teach you everything you need to know about the 4 relationship circles roadmap to master your relationships with ease and move towards a sense of clarity, relief and balance in life.

We are a good fit if you

  • Suffer, are in pain or depressed
  • Are confused and want to find clarity and direction
  • Like to understand the dynamic in your life
  • Feel like a prisoner in your mind and want to escape
  • You identify with your body and want to expand your being
  • Want to connect with your true identity
  • Are inquisitive, deep feeler and deep thinker
  • Are a seeker in the process of spiritual awakening
  • Are willing to change and do the inner work

We are Not a good fit if you

  • Do not struggle in any of the 4 relationship circles
  • Take a more of a surface approach to life
  • Are not curious  and courageous to know yourself, others and the world
  • Suffer from mental rigidity and believe you know it all
  • Are hesitant to new ideas
  • Are not interested in personal healing and growing
  • Are not willing to take responsibility for your life
  • Are not ready to do the inner work
  • Do not embrace awareness and live mostly out of consciousness


Through the eyes of my clients


About Me

I’m a psychologist, therapist and passionate practitioner researcher driven by passion for mental wellbeing, my personal transformational journey and many years of experience supporting people turn their relationships troubles into connection, happiness and fulfilment.

What I learned in time is that, whether we go for the big dreams or a simple life, our struggles are rooted in our relationship circles. More importantly, I found that the quality of our relationships, starting with the relationship with our self determine our mental wellbeing.

Now, it's your turn - Say NO to worries and distress

and let's get your life sorted

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