10 steps towards healing

We all get hurt in life constantly, but did you know that we can repair our being as we go along with these 10 simple steps towards healing?

Healing comes in many shapes and forms and through a large variety of channels. 

Healing is in fact right here, within you, in front of you, around you… all you need is to allow your senses to connect with it.

1. Art

Art is a free and very powerful avenue for healing. Immersion in arts connects you with your senses in ways that no other activity can replicate, and art is in everything.

Music, dance and other forms of performing art expression like movies, theater, opera, ballet are all amazing instruments of education but, also avenues for inner healing.

Listening to music that resonates within you allows your hearing to open its doors to the beautiful message of the melody and lyrics which helps you make sense of our experiences, reach understanding, forgiveness and move on with your life.

Dancing, painting, sculpting, crafting, drawing, etc. they all allow you to express yourself by touching the others and the nature around you and through that  exchange of energy recharge your soul with beauty, love and hope.

Art is in fact everywhere, in the architecture of the buildings surrounding you, in the fashion of the clothing you wear, in the interior design of your home, office and institutions you visit, etc., and they all stimulate your senses and soothe you inside.

2. Prayer

Prayer is also very helpful in both times of peace and hardship. Religious, spiritual or none of them, when you pray you open yourself to the possibilities of change, to patience, hope and love.

Based on my experience and the experience of the people I’ve worked with, prayer breaks through arrogance and righteousness and opens ourselves to humility. This closes the door to greed and envy and teaches us to balance the expectations and disappointments in life.

3. Meditation

Meditation in all of its forms is also highly therapeutic and allows you to access your consciousness outside your punishing thinking which you sometimes identify with. When you manage to stop the constant flow of thinking and you free yourself from the prison of your mind, you allow yourself to reach awareness of all of the other parts of you, to open towards the others and the world around you.

4. Humor

Humor is essential for our wellbeing. Our lives would be too stern if we would take everything too serious and would not create space and time for fun, play and laughter. Watching comedies, stand up shows, reading funny prose and poetry or following cartoons are amazing routes to de-stress and chill out. 

5. Eating & Drinking

Eating and drinking are more than trivial habits based on primal survival instincts. Through taste you connect with your body and nourish each of your organs right to the cellular level.

6. Body therapies

Body therapies in all forms, from a bath or a shower, to massage, aromatherapy, reflexology, Reiki, etc., are really helpful, too. Physical exercise, be it walking, running, gym activities, and other sports like cycling, skating, rowing, they all act as a massive source of vitality and health.

7. Love & Sex

Love is an amazing vehicle towards healing also. Love is about giving and receiving, also about forgiveness and compassion. Through love we learn about kindness and empathy and we exchange them with the world around us in a completely healing experience.

Sexual activities have also strong therapeutic benefits. They release tension, instill a sense of belongingness and validation and make you feel confident and grounded. 

Interestingly, what all of the above healing avenues have in common, whether they appeal the hearing, taste, sight, smell and tactile sense, they are all means to stop our wondering minds and this way reset temporarily our functioning system. This allows us to carry on living, preserve a sense of wellbeing and not grow utterly insane.

8. Sleep

When none of these have managed to heal the upset and distress from the day, luckily we have the sleep, one of the most important tools available to us humans to reset our tense and hyperactive minds.

9. Nature

Lately, more and more people are becoming aware that living in large and agglomerated cities can be increasingly stressful and tiring. Taking the time to go out in the nature can lead to many benefits. It can help you bring health and vitality into your body, it can connect you with your spiritual side and it allows your minds to slow down the automatic fast processing.

10. Talking therapies

Lastly, you have a large number of talking therapies available to heal the hurt that has gotten deep down to the core of your being and cannot be repaired through any of the little distractions you use in life.

These therapies work with you in all aspects of your being, considering your roots and early life experience, the education in the family and school, the environment around you and the choices you made and are willing to make to welcome inner change and a more tranquil existence.

Healing is indeed right there in front of you. All you need is to love and respect yourself enough to want to heal the hurt within and preserve your precious wellbeing.

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