Work with me to sort out your relationship troubles for good

I believe that you are a worthy human being and you deserve to live a happy and fulfilling life

and i believe this even WHEN you stop believing yourself

Watching people repair their relationships keeps me motivated and hopeful.Β 

Let me tell you why:

Ever woke up in the morning feeling anxious to start the day and wasting your precious time avoiding the people or even worse arguing and fighting with them?

What about those times when you went to bed fuming, angry and frustrated with others, struggling to sleep and shedding tears on your pillow, or binge eating or drinking and ruminating in your mind events and conversations that hurt you?

Those unpleasant emotions can affect your mental wellbeing terribly. They can lead to anxiety, depression, addiction, eating disorders, PTSD, sexual disfunctions, suicide, and physical illness too. This is why I am dedicated to help you sort out your relationship struggles once and for all. So you can permit yourself to feel inner peace, joy and freedom, to feel cheerful every morning, to live your days with passion and go to bed each evening feeling content and fulfilled.  I BRING YOU ALL THE TOOLS YOU NEED. ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS USE THEM.

Get Your Therapy Support If You Experience Distress


RelationshipΒ with YOUR SELF

Β Identity confusion

Lack of direction

Low self-esteem

Low confidence

Low sense of self-worth

Motivation | Procastination

Body image | Self-harm

Relationship with your FAMILY

Insecure or no attachment

Abuse | Neglect | Trauma

Breakups | Divorce |Β Betrayal

Marriage | Parenthood

Death | Illness

Anger management

Sexuality issues

Relationship with the OTHERS

Stress | Pressure


Neighbour/Work disputes




Social disconnection

Relationship with the WORLD

Emptiness |Β Unfulfillment

Lack of meaning

Lack of purpose

Vocation queries

Loss of job | Business Issues

Financial problems

Discrimination | Prejudice

but remember you are not alone.

I am here to help you tidy up your relationship department.

To start breathing deeply and relieved. To permit yourself to feel joy and happiness again. To make the best of this amazing gift of life.

here’s my work in 8 words

Come with your problem. Leave with a solution.

There are two ways of working with me: Online and Face to Face.

Choose one or another or, even better, mix them toΒ  speed up your transformation process and bring back excitement and vitality into your life soonest.

Why do it? Just think about the cost of not doing it…

Long term benefits after completing the programmes

√ you feel less worried than before

√ you can manage stress much better

√ you can say NO to unwanted behaviours 

√ you are more optimistic and happy

√ you are more motivated and less procrastinating

√ you perform better in everything you want to achieve

√ you love your private, social and work life

√ you are more confident and grounded

√ your self-esteem has improved

√ you feel worthy and significant

√ you have a stronger sense of identity

√ your relationships are more positive and satisfying

√ your sexual and erotic life is improving

√ you finally enjoy the fullness of life


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