a brief look at my professional identity and how I work


Why do we suffer in life? I value the biopsychosocial model and I recognize that our suffering is caused by the interaction between our minds, bodies, and socio-environmental factors.  

Mind.  Human mental activity flows naturally between different levels of consciousness and runs automatically a large number of mental processes like perception, imagination, motivation, volition, memory, reasoning, speech, problem solving, creativity, etc. Our mind’s main preoccupation is however thinking. We mostly think about the past and the future and very often we miss the present moment. 95% of our thoughts are recycled and an average of 80% of them are negative, self-sabotaging and disempowering. Human mind can become a prison and create terrible distress. A stressful mind is changing the chemistry in the body and subsequently is suppressing the immune system which opens the door to illness. To prevent that we need to intentionally  stimulate our minds with new ideas, emotions and experiences. Numerous researches in neuroplasticity have shown that the brain is able to expand and create new brain pathways and circuits through which we can rewire and reprogram our minds the way we want.

Body. Imagine your briliantly designed body starting from one very intelligent cell that multiplied in a community of 50 trillion cells. They differentiated in numerous organs that regenerate all the time with the help of the immune system. However, we are no longer subject to the DNA inside our cells, which is indeed loaded with some inherited predispositions, but it is not necessarily leading to a disease unless the social or psychological factors trigger the illness. The modern science of epigenetics is showing us that the human body is capable of healing itself. That means that we can intentionally change the chemistry in our bodies and control our health through therapy, new habits and life style changes. 

Social factors. Expect the inner and outer environments to control the genetic expression of your cells and impact directly your health and illness.  Death of a significant other, divorce, betrayal, abuse or neglect can lead to trauma that takes long time to heal. A negative image of self, a disorganised life, a job change or unemployment, poor living conditions, financial problems, inequality, prejudice and discrimination can also influence our emotions, thinking and behaviour and lead to a range of mental conditions. When we intentionally manage stress well our neurological systems sends messages to the endocrine system to release good hormones in the body which are further helping our immune system to create health promoting rather than disease producing cells. 


The Expansive Psychotherapy is a 4-dimension holistic and integrative approach

My clinical work and practitioner research taught me that our wellbeing goes further than the mind-body-environment paradigm. Our quest for longing and connection makes spirituality a very important aspect in our healing. With our obsession for mental health we have forgotten that psychotherapy means in fact “healing of the soul”.

Spirit. In my work I integrate the theory and practice from the main three schools of though in psychology (psychodynamic, cognitive-behavioural and humanistic) with transpersonal psychology and spirituality. This makes my practice a 4-dimension holistic and integrative approach that considers the mind-body-spirit-environment factors equally as both the source of human suffering and its healing.

This expansive view allows you to explore your life in your wholeness and depth and offers you a platform to adjust your mindset, understand and embrace your biology and human nature, spiritually reconnect with your real self and learn to develop and maintain happy and fulfilling relationships.

Learning from what’s working and not working in the therapy space I created over the years my own style of work which I call Expansive Psychotherapy.

At the core of the Expansive Psychotherapy method I place my 4 essential tools that lead to a clear path to self-discovery, healing and personal growth:


THE 3 ENTANGLED MINDS BLUEPRINT helps you understand how you function across different levels of consciousness between your default Tunnel Mind programmed in your early years of life, the healing Village Mind which is your “choice mind”, and the space of inner peace and personal freedom which is “the mind behind the mind” – called your Free Mind.

THE 4 RELATIONSHIP CIRCLES ROADMAP is teaching you how to master relationships with ease and finesse. You will be introduced to the dynamic of the 4 relationship circles and understand the nature of the relationship with your self, your family, other people and the world.

THE UPWARDS VALUE STAIRCASE is indispensable for creating, repairing and maintaining happy and fulfilling relationships with your self, your family, others and the world. The absence of one value makes the higher positioned values irrelevant and leads to conflicts and tension.

THE CONTINUUM PERSONALITY THEORY helps you understand how your personality developed and how you can adjust it to be aligned to whom you really are inside. You will learn that your life circumstances have shaped your beliefs, valued and behaviours and will find out how to access all you need right within yourself.


Who is it for?

√ The Expansive Psychotherapy is ideal for early, late and midlife crises.
√ Perfect for a deep thinker & deep feeler.
√ For you fed up following the crowds.
√ For you wanting to design your own life.
√ For you looking for real life-long change.
√ For you wanting to live your life in your own terms.
√ For you discovering healing, self-care & self-compassion.
√ For you ready to let go of the old to create space for a renewed sense of self.
√ For you wanting to know why you suffer not how your suffering is called (diagnosis).
√ For you wanting to resolve the cause of your suffering not just to improve your symptoms.
√ For your next level of growth & personal development.

How is it different?

What makes the Expansive Psychotherapy unique is its multi-dimensional perspective, creative framework and modern implementation.

1. Multi-dimensional approach

We work to heal your body, mind, spirit and environment, all at the same time. 

I take my practice beyond the medical model as I have learned over the years that conventional therapy on its own can be helpful, but not sufficient. 

We are multi-dimensional beings, with body-mind-soul closely interwined and masively influenced by the environment, therefore in order to heal and return to balance a multi-dimensional approach is needed.

2. Creative Framework

The Expansive Psychotherapy is the therapeutic modality that can guide you through a 360 degree view of life and take you all the way through your self-discovery, healing and personal growth journey using the 4 essential tools.

No more reading self-help books and following other people’s ideas with no real improvement in your life. The ExPsy guides you find the answers within.

No more trying various therapies that bring even more confusion in your mind and no genuine life transformation. The ExPsy brings you all the tools you need to get clarity and direction in life.

In your ExPsy exploration you can move smoothly between your past, present, future, conscious and unconscious experiences, as natural to you, to reach understanding, extract meaning and integrate them into your current life.

Drawing on psychology, various psychotherapeutic tools, transpersonal psychology, epigenetics, antropology, quantum physics and Eastern spirituality traditions, the Expansive Psychotherapy approach is simply an invitation for the next level of personal growth and development.

3. Modern Implementation

Conventional talking therapies can be limited, rigid and unfriendly sometimes. This is why I developed my method of work to promote original, flexible and personalised support, attuned to the life-style and challenges you face face in our modern world.

From the consulting room ⇨ To your place of choice.
From 50 min weekly sessions ⇨ To packages tailored to your needs.
From one surface problem ⇨  To your wholeness & depth.
From symptoms & disorders ⇨ To natural human manifestations.
From labels & evaluations ⇨ To a space of no judgement.
From the “expert” led work ⇨ To your intuition & wisdom.

What to expect From an expansive psychotherapy programme

Expect to embark on a fantastic journey of self-discovery, healing and personal growth.

Expect to be guided through an original and flexible therapeutic approach.

Expect to be explained all along the theory behing each concept, notion, therapeutic instrument and method of implementation.

Expect to be left with some tools you can use on your own if needed in the future.

Expect to make sense of your life experience.

Expect a complete relationship makeover if you are ready for it.

Expect to reconnect with your body, mind, soul and environment.

Expect to refresh your identity and return to your wholeness.

Most improtantly, expect to pass your life exam and be able to find your own answers to the 6 most fundamental existential questions:

  • What are you made of? Know your body, mind and soul.
  • Where are you coming from? Take a sharp look into your human history.
  • How did you get here? Explore who and what made you who you are today.
  • Who are you really? Find and connect with your true self.
  • Why are you here? Clarify and reaffirm your purpose in life.
  • Where are you heading to? Time to plan and act on your dreams and aspirations.

Do you want to chat with me and explore how the Expansive Psychotherapy can help you transform your life?

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