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Technology is ravaging our relationships

At the beginning of 2020 we were already highly digitalised, but the Coronavirus pandemic has changed our relationship with the technology even further. The stories I hear from people are worrying. Parents struggle more than ever to mind the children 24/7 and the mobile phone/tablet babysitters are now common sometimes from the toddler age. Many kids have their own phone or tablet for games nowadays and adolescents also spend excessive time alienated on their devices every day.  It must be really hard to parent children these days. My son is a millennial, he’s 30 now and when he was young there was not much available in terms of technology, but today it’s a completely different story. Some parents does not monitor children’s internet usage or keep the parental control switched off and allow them to browse freely on the web. Combined with the lack of communication and guidance, this invites children …

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Seduced by idols and influencers

Our habit to put labels on everything includes our mental functioning as well. We fit it in a set of criteria and since we are programmed to be perfect and excel all the time we fail to acknowledge that our mental activity is fluctuating in an organic way. Who wants to be labeled mentally ill anyway? Mental health and mental illness do not exist, they are social constructs invented by us, people. Whatever we are experiencing is a natural human  manifestation which is oscillating on a continuum of experience between well and unwell. Yet, the medical model is very seductive and most time we follow it by default. Some people will rely on a medical practitioner to tell them what is happening inside their minds but stigma of fear of being evaluated and diagnosed keeps many still depressed and suffering in silence. Some people look for shortcuts and avoid talking …

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The struggle to be “present”

WE LIVE IN OUR TIMES A common issue I see in my work with clients is the little awareness around the impact of our social conditioning on our wellbeing. The world around us is molding us based on the trends in our era and our Western world places the focus nowadays on the material and does not invest in the quality of our relationships. We think in terms of productivity and efficacy and we dedicate our lives to do efficient and progressive work. There seems to be no time to be in warm and happy interpersonal relationships and we tend to live our lives self-centered, isolated and lonely. What adds to this problem is the social media which gives us the illusion we are connected with a large number of people when in reality we struggle in our most closest relationships in the real world. This is the world we live in. …

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What everybody ought to know about life

I am reminded very often in my work that we fail to appreciate how difficult it is to be a human being and how complex the myriad of challenges we have to face in life. ►Firstly, we are not asked for permission, we just happen to come to life, in a time, place, family and body that we cannot choose, but we have to carry with us for our entire life.  ►Secondly, we are thrown into living with no real education about life and what to expect from it. We are “protected” from seeing the real face of our world and we are told very little about our human nature. My client work is showing me that neglect, abuse, bullying, harassment and hurt are more common than we believe they are, but often we turn a blind eye to them and carry on with our lives in blissful denial. ►Then, …

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