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How do our minds get programmed?

When we are born we have no mind. Just a brilliant brain that can be programmed. The question is how do our minds get programmed? The early programme becomes the “Tunnel Mind” The first programme is installed in our minds by our parents, the school and the world around us. I call this early mind the Tunnel Mind because it is conditioned to think and behave in certain ways as appropriate within the family and cultural structures. You are told that a tree is a tree and you believe it. You are told that an apple is an apple and you believe it. Whatever you are told in your first years of life becomes your “reality” and to a larger extent your β€œtruth”. In the Tunnel Mind all mental processes work as programmed during your early experience in life. They shape your life. They become your life. And you become …

How do our minds get programmed?

Case study: Can you rewire my brain in 10 min?

This is the question I got recently from a client: Can you rewire my brain in 10 min? It left me a bit surprised, but only a little as I have by now got used to people asking unusual questions.  β€œI have surely seen the human mind growing and refining in clients, but I cannot see how you can actually rewire such a complex system in 10 minutes”, I replied. The client went on to explain that he read about different techniques promoted online which he wanted to try. These situations are common in the therapy space. Clients come sometimes with (unrealistic) expectations which become real obstacles in their self-discovery, healing and personal growth journeys. I have met clients who listened to my explanations but I also met others were too stuck in their mind programming and were looking for immediate and life changing results. In this instance, the client …

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What if my right is your wrong?

What if my right is your wrong? I cannot count the number of times I came accross the righteousness topic. When my right is your wrong we usually have a problem. Out of all the dichotomies there are, the right vs wrong has been probably the most used in the history of humanity and is today a common theme in our day to day narrative. We embraced it as part of our values, put it at the front of our morality and character, and we use it as a general guide in our life affairs. But where do we draw the line between right & wrong? Where does the right starts and ends and, subsequently, where does wrong come into place? And what is its relevance for us people? I am thinking that it is very important since we live our lives by what we think is right, make choices that we think …

What if my right is your wrong?

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