Ho to stop resisting change

Change is a frightening process. It seems to be one of the most challenging aspects of our life. But what makes us resist change so strongly and how can we stop resisting change? In my client work Iโ€™ve seen various levels of resistance to change and I found some common causes in the process and as many ways of fighting them. Here they are: Safety. We tend to feel safe in a familiar environment. Change means giving up the comfortable NOW for the unknown of the future and we all find it difficult to handle insecurity. This keeps us in unhappy relationships, in jobs we hate and in destructive patterns of behaviours. I encourage my clients to first identify the pros and cons for changing, then visualise that change happening to expand their perspective beyond the present moment. Exploring the benefits and loses of change helps us develop a more …

Ho to stop resisting change


How might Coronavirus shape the humanity?

It is March 2020 and although it is hard to look ahead into the future right now we can already see some trends that signal how the Coronavirus might shape the world and the humanity. Working from home at a large scale has created a precedent that will see more remote job offers available in the future.  Children schooling on digital platforms will also change the way we look at the educational system. Feeling threatened by a small virus that can barely be seen under the microscope and is not even considered a living species by the scientists reminds us that, despite its significant developments over the past decades, medicine is still experimental. There could be a change in how we look at our humanity in the large universe. Encouraged by the advancement of industrial, technological and digital revolutions we, humans, have learned to believe that we hold supremacy in …

How might Coronavirus shape the humanity?


The 5 mistakes that block your happiness

If you like most people then you live with the desire to grow, expand and have a happy and fulfilling life. Here’s the 5 mistakes that block your happiness. What stays in your way of creating the life of our dreams is often our yown programming and a number of reasoning errors you learned in time. Error no. 1: You think life is easy This is wrong. Human existence is not always easy, we like to delude ourself it is, because this is what we’ve been told.  Life on Earth is actually demanding and challenging on many levels and our complex needs and desires do not help us adjust with ease all the time. One of the problems is that we have not been encouraged to talk about our difficulties when we were little and we continue to live in that default, pretending we cope with life and ignoring our …

The 5 mistakes that block your happiness

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