Amazing Personal Development Tools To Transform Your Life Right Now

“I am tired of reading self-help books and see no improvement”. “I am tired of trying various therapies and see no real change”. This is what I often hear from my clients before they try my personal development tools that transforms their lives.

My 4 essential tools for self-discovery, healing and personal growth are at the core of my Expansive Psychotherapy approach which I created over the past 2 decades inspired by my own personal journey and the learnings from my clinical work and practitioner research.

What I found the most useful in my personal development journey and my client work too was to keep the experience as “personal” as possible. In other words, it is vital to stop following other people’s ideas and philosophies of life and move your attention inwards. 

When you work with me we will start in the here and now and explore your current circumstances. Using mindfulness techniques I will first guide you back to your wholeness and teach you to be present. From there onwards we will engage in a solution focused approach and clarify what works and doesn’t work for you in life and what would you like to change and achieve in the near future. We will explore your values and reflect on your current mindset in life.

In order to help you understand and heal your past and strip your Self from what is old and artificial in you and what blocks you from moving forward we will explore your early years of life. This will involve looking at your attachment style, your learned coping mechanisms, how you developed beliefs, values and behaviours, your sense of boundaries and your emotional expression. You will absolutely love this eye-opening and healing experience and finally start to understand how you developed your personality. 

With the past and present clarified, you will then be able to connect with your dreams and aspirations for the future, find and reaffirm your purpose, let go of worries and get in touch with your deepest sense of confidence, self-esteem and self-worth. This is an important part in your healing process that will teach you a lot about love, acceptance, compassion, tolerance, gratitude and forgiveness, absolutely vital in your relationship circles.

Throughout your self-discovery you will move smoothly between past, present and future experiences and learn to become aware and access different levels of consciousness, with your 3 entangled minds.

At a conscious level I will teach you the core principles that help you learn to take control over your thinking and your ego states which impact significantly your 4 relationship circles.  

Further, to make sense of how your mind works at a subconscious level we will explore your view on ethics, morality and meaning in life. Above all, I will guide you to deepen your meditation practice and reconnect with your intuition and the voice you kept in silence inside of you for so long.

Moving down deeper into your inner work, I will use hypnosis to help you uncover your hidden unconscious wounds and go beyond the surface of your self into what transcends the understanding of your egoic mind, right at the bottom of your being, where you feel at peace and whole. 

At the end of this process, you will have learned so much about yourself, your family, others and the world around you that you will feel deeply healed and matured so you can now master your relationships with ease and finesse. 

You can look at this experience as being your complete life makeover that is rearranging all aspects of your life exactly as you wish them to be.

All you need to do is get rid of hesitation and use these personal development tools to transform your life right now.

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