Searching for meaning in a world “on pause”

Coronavirus Pandemic has become the time when we are searching for meaning in a world “on pause”. This prompts us to look deep inside our hearts and what we see is not always pleasant. Because there comes a time in life when…

We are questioning what brings meaning and purpose in our lives;

We feel deep inside you that life could be much more than this;

The truths we’ve been holding onto are harshly shaken;

Following our idols makes us forget our own stories;

We hit massive setbacks despite our hard work and dedication;

We lack inspiration and we struggle to break through;

We care about what others think of us;

We struggle to understand the others and the world around us;

We feel tired of moving through pressure and conflicts;

We wish to nurture positive and satisfying relationships;

We dream about healing our inner wounds; 

Life becomes so much more than just being positive;

We are confused about our direction in life;

We lose sense of who we really are;

We  can’ tolerate the self-deceit anymore;

And change is deeply wanted, but feels so difficult…

That is the time for the next level in our personal growth & development. It is the time to start our journey within!

Over the past months I’ve seen many people struggling to “hold it together”. I was not surprised. Very often we get caught up in our busy, automatic way of functioning that allows for too little room for self-inquiry and genuine introspection.

Lately, the coronavirus pandemic has placed the world on “pause” and for the first time in our modern history billions of people have been forced to slow down their lives.

The impact is greater than most of us can see from our confined lives at home. In this space many people find themselves looking within for the first time in many years, or in some cases for the first time ever.

And when that happens, people start to see what they’ve been denying, suppressing or concealing all along. They see the cracks in their lives, the confusion they’ve been covering with distractions, the hurts repressed for decades, the lies, the fake, the emptiness.

I sitb there in that intimate space with clients and I see rivers of sadness, depression, fear, anxiety and sometimes despair following this awakening process. I see it in others around me and I feel it inside myself at times too. It is part of the human being package we carry within us. It is a painful, but also a cleansing experience.

Because when we get down we open our eyes and we look up, we embrace the truth, we become authentic, we reach new understandings, we learn and grow and we change our lives into better. 

After two decades in the field of psychology, psychotherapy and personal development I am more convinced than ever that the crossroads in our lives are meant to be, are tough but necessary, and when we pay attention to them and we do the inner work required we gain fantastic benefits and a renewed sense of clarity and direction in life.

If you find yourself at a crossroad in your life these days, get the support you need and trust that you will come out of it. When you are ready to start the inner work I will be here for you!

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