Life in a world “on pause”

There comes a time in life… When we are questioning what brings meaning and purpose to our lives, When we feel deep inside you that life could be much more than this, When the truths we’ve been holding onto are harshly shaken, When following our idols makes us forget our own stories, When we hit massive setbacks despite our hard work and dedication, When we lack inspiration and we struggle to break through, When we care about what others think of us, When we struggle to understand the others and the world around us, When we feel tired of moving through pressure and conflicts, When we wish to nurture positive and satisfying relationships, When we dream about healing our inner wounds, When life becomes so much more than just being positive, When we are confused about our direction in life, When we lose sense of who we really are, When …

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Live now, not tomorrow, next month or next year

A few years ago, I was preparing for a 6 months break to travel America in a RV together with my partner. I had that dream since I was a child and I kept postponing it from one year to another throughout my adult life waiting to finish various projects.  The project at that time was a third and final research year of an MSc course which stirred a lot of passion in me. Only that right before the course was due to start my worst fears confirmed and I was diagnosed with breast cancer. It was unexpected, as I felt healthy and energetic, but despite my disbelief it was real. A very aggressive and rare type of breast cancer, combined with a genetic mutation and a poor treatment and survival prognostic that shattered my life instantly.  To tell you the entire story we need more than a blog post, but I will share …

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