Human nature

5 benefits of forgiveness

We all get hurt in life, but not all of us can forgive and move on.  Forgiveness is difficult in circumstances where the abuse has left deep scars into our hearts and souls but holding onto them keeps reenacting the suffering.  Too very often I see clients stuck in their painful past experiences, unable to …

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About our obsession with labels

Almost every day I hear from parents, news and social media about children’s difficulties in school and generally in life. It feels rather bizarre, but parents seem to feel relived when their children receive a diagnosis of ADHD, dyslexia, autism or other “neuro-developmental disorder”. It gives them an explanation for their children’s struggles and somehow …

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When we deny our human nature

Another learning in my work has been that in our programming to deliver, achieve and perform we are trained to become perfect human beings and we forget we are evolved animals tormented by drives, instincts, needs, obsessions, fantasies, also conscious and unconscious desires. Since our early years in life, we are told to deny our …

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