How to successfully manage relationship tension in pandemic

Many people have felt challenged in their relationships during this pandemic. There is no doubt that being together all the time is unusual for some of us and demands for new ways of  being and new ways of living. How do we cope when the stress levels are going up? What do we do when there is conflict and the tension intensifies? Some people know how to successfully manage relationships tension, but others are struggling a lot. Let me share who I’ve seen in my work to do well during these difficult times. It is the families that talk to each other, those that communicate and keep the dialogue open whatever happens. Also those that are honest and transparent in their communication do even better than the ones that hide their feelings. Why are these people keeping their relationships in peace? Because they don’t just pile up on tension and …

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7 common threats in our relationships

Building and maintaining healthy relationships can bring us a sense of connection, fulfillment and safety also infinite joy and happiness. Relationships however are not easy at all, in fact, they can make our lives miserable sometimes.  In my work with people across various cultures I found 7 common threats in our relationships. COMMUNICATION We find it difficult to openly communicate our needs so the others understand exactly what we want, when we want it and how we want it done. We imagine our partners and others know us enough to read our minds and we build up internal tension when we don’t get the desired response. SELF-RIGHTEOUSNESS We believe there is only one reality in this world. That’s a faulty belief. In fact, each person has their own reality and should be accepted as a valid perspective by all of the others. There is no ultimate right and wrong. Everything …

7 common threats in our relationships

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