There is a place of peace & tranquility within each of us…

But it’s not always easy to reach it.

It is a challenging spot… beautiful but edgy… wild and deep…Β It is the core of our being. It’s who we really are when we accept what is, fear less and forgive more, and connect with our selves and the world around us.

You are here to start searching for that core of your being. And I am here to guide you in that search.Β Welcome!

Your Mindfulness Tools

Ready to spare a few minutes to reset your overworked mind?

I have it all figured out for you. Relax and unwind with a 15 min mindfulness session.

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Your Self-Care Audio Books

Mindfulness & hypnotherapy sessions to unwind after a tiring day.

For everyone 18+ including those that have not experienced a formal meditation practice or trance inductionΒ  before.

Great any time of the day.Β  Fantastic at evening, before sleep.

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