What might Coronavirus mean for our world and the humanity?

It is hard to look ahead into the future right now, but we can already see some trends that signal how the Coronavirus might shape the world and the humanity.

  • Working from home at a large scale has created a precedent that will see more remote job offers available in the future. 
  • Children schooling on digital platform will also change the way we look at the educational system.
  • Feeling threatened by a small virus that can barely be seen under the microscope and is not even considered a living species by the scientists will remind us that, despite its significant developments over the past decades, medicine is still experimental.
  • There could be a change in how we look at our humanity in the large universe. Encouraged by the advancement of industrial, technological and digital revolutions we, humans, have learned to believe that we hold supremacy in the cosmos. In the face of this hostile pandemic we might not be as invincible as we wish to  think sometimes.
  • Taking months of social isolation might change the way we feel within ourselves and relate with the others, also how the communities get organized and function.
  • Spending time in solitude might offer us space for reflection and awareness and can reconnect us with our real selves and subsequently lead to a deeper level of consciousness.
  • No one knows how the pandemic will evolve and when will it end, but we all know deep down into our hearts that this is not a 2 weeks struggle. The pandemic will be here for a long time and we all need to get prepared to face its consequences. It will be hard, but we will make it!
  • Businesses will change after pandemic, with some services/products more needed than others and since the pandemic started together with Brexit we might see further problems in the EU – UK area with serious impact on people’s jobs and income and subsequently on their mental wellbeing.
  • Mean while, as we are navigating through these difficult times, let’s stay safe and healthy!

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