What happens when we expand our minds

Our brains have the ability to change continuously as we move through life and this is clearly reflected in our mental activity at all levels, including our behaviours.

Yet, as I see it in my work all the time, the way we experience life in our first years of life becomes our default way of functioning and can stay in the way of change later in adult life. Very often we get stuck in familiar ways of thinking and behaving and despite their negative impact in our lives we struggle to let go of the old to create space for the new.

I discuss sometimes with my clients about neuroplasticity and they genuinely believe their minds are able to expand, but this is never a straightforward process because our programming is strong and becomes our second nature.

Moreover, often part of our programming is the denial of our human nature, the habit to restrain ourselves and suppress our drives, instincts, fantasies and desires, also to ignore the impact of the world systems on our wellbeing and just “carry on and cope with it”, as we’ve been trained to think.

In order to change, we need to understand how we developed that way and we need to look at our human life not just through the theories from books and our social conditioning, but also consider our living experience, intuition, wisdom and infinite resources to grow.

Over the years I called my style of work The Cross Therapy Model, The Link Therapy Model, The Personal  Exploration Model and it literally took me years to expand my own mind and find a name that actually reflects the core of my work vision which is today: Expansive Psychotherapy.

This modality proves every day that our minds are elastic and we can expand our perspective beyond the medical model and its labels, evaluations and diagnosis to create that time and space in our life to find out who we really are, whom we want to become and how we want to live our lives.

When we find a safe platform to reconnect, heal and grow in our wholeness and depth a miracle happens: we become authentic and we are able to create the happy and fulfilling lives we dream of.

To get there, we need to reach awareness and accept what is in our lives, we need to gain understanding and forgiveness, we need to permit ourselves to relieve the stress and suffering we’ve been bottling up over the years, we have to remove blockages and heal, to awaken to a new being and change and this way embrace aliveness and vitality.

Expanding our minds helps us find out why we suffer not how our suffering is called (diagnosis), also it helps us resolve the cause of our suffering not to improve our symptoms and this is why I created my wellbeing packages:

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