Wellbeing tips for the weekend

Everybody loves weekends, don’t we?

Yet, some of us can’t fully enjoy this precious time for various reasons.

A conflict with a partner, family member or a dear friend…

A difficult work situation, money worries, so many things missing that we cannot see what we actually have, bad weather or, sadly, illness, distress, exhaustion, discomfort and tiredness of it all.

Does it sound familiar? These are our common struggles in life, but there are ways of dealing with them when we really wish to. All we need is to learn other ways of being. To reprogram the way we function.

I know it is not easy. Change is hard, but it is very possible and you can do it, too.

I’m going to share with you a few ideas that can trick your worrying mind.

Here are 3 tips to clear up the path for a peaceful, relaxing and enjoyable weekend:

1.Write down on a piece of paper what bothers you at this current moment. Write down what stays in your way to feel happy and at peace. Number the issues and read them out loud

2.Find a space in one of the corners of your home and make it your “worries parking lot”. Place the paper with your upsets in that area and let it wait for you until you are ready to handle them one by one. Don’t worry too much about your worries. They are safe in that parking space. They will not go anywhere, and if they go you are not going to miss them, are you?. And if you do miss them you can always revisit them after all.

3.Take another piece of paper and write down how would you like your life to be over the weekend. What would you like to do? How would you like to feel? Without knowing you have just started creating your reality the way you want, in a positive, caring and nurturing way.

Carry on dreaming and acting on your desires and wishes. They will come true, just trust yourself and do it. Because you are worthy.

Have a fantastic weekend!

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