Understand your human nature in 15 steps

▽ We, people, are just like the nature around us.

▽ Like the sea, we are at times calm and relaxed, and other times agitated and furious.

▽ Sense the air… it is warm sometimes and cold or freezing other times… we people are the same.

▽ Look at the trees around us… they grow all sizes, shapes and colours, and we, people, are the same.

▽ Nature is beautiful and survives despite its calamities. In the nature, everything is in movement and is continuously changing. In the same way, we people live dynamic inner lives that change constantly our physiological sensations,  spiritual mantras and mental states.

▽ Our emotions can raise the height of the mountain and fall the low of the abyss. They can fly the wild flow of wind and sit in the stillness unmoved. Our inner life can scream louder than the volcanic eruption or be as silent as the quietness of the forest. We are part of the nature, we connect with the nature through all our senses and we grow and develop inside its goodness and truth.

▽ Human life is dynamic and always in movement, and we live our lives in stages, like the seasons in the nature.

▽We start at spring with the birth and the blossoming years of life until adulthood when the environment around us feels pleasant and safe. We enjoy the light wind and the sun rays that seem to protect us whilst we grow at our pace…

▽ And we move into the summer of our life when we become very optimistic, energetic and ripen, so we start harvesting, achieving diplomas, titles and children, owning property and goods, and enjoying the outer world.

▽ Our intense being moves us after spring and summer right into the autumn of our lives when we start feeling a sense of tiredness and slight melancholia. We continue to harvest further, achieving more titles and grandchildren, but as the rain kicks in we start feeling unhealthy, fatigued with the relationships around us, heading separations, isolating, turning inwards and looking towards the winter.

▽ The last stage of our lives brings cold and chill and makes us long after the freedom of spring and the warmth of the summer. We live with the nostalgia of our previous seasons, we migrate to warmer environments and spend more time hibernating than active. The snow brings us purification and wisdom but also illness, a feeling of ending and lifeless surroundings. We start counting our loses, in people and regrets, and eventually, we contemplate death.

▽ Our seasons in life have sub-seasons, short stages when our experience can shift rapidly from the main season into another. They are rare, but they exist. It is like when we change our mental state suddenly from highs to unimagined lows or vice versa, and when we open our soul completely towards the world this moment, to experience utter shut down, darkness and desolation a minute later.

▽ This continuous alternation of stages is what defines our human nature. This is how we are and this is how we function. The more we try to break this natural course, the less connected with ourselves we become.

▽ To take something out of this, think of a time when your season in life has changed rapidly from summer to winter and remember how that made you feel. On that occasion, like in many others, maybe you made it through life accepting what happened, despite your dreadful inner feelings. Or perhaps you run away from that event and its associated feelings and you left them somewhere floating in the past. It has been hard, but you responded to it the best way you could.

▽ To move through potential future hardship, embrace awareness of what is going on within you at all levels of your being at that specific time. You can also grow trust in yourselves and the people around you, and accept their warmth and care so you can move through the seasons as smoothly as possible and, most importantly, healed. Nature is sometimes unstoppable. Perhaps we could all learn form nature if we could let it be, out there in the world, and within us, too.

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