The struggle to be “present”


A common issue I see in my work with clients is the little awareness around the impact of our social conditioning on our wellbeing.

The world around us is molding us based on the trends in our era and our Western world places the focus nowadays on the material and does not invest in the quality of our relationships.

We think in terms of productivity and efficacy and we dedicate our lives to do efficient and progressive work. There seems to be no time to be in warm and happy interpersonal relationships and we tend to live our lives self-centered, isolated and lonely.

What adds to this problem is the social media which gives us the illusion we are connected with a large number of people when in reality we struggle in our most closest relationships in the real world.

This is the world we live in. Our modern world promotes competition over cooperation and cohesion and it programs us to self-achieve and prove ourselves continuously, under the “fulfill your potential” promise.

I see how from a generation to another, more and more people buy into this promise and move their focus from genuine and fulfilling relationships to actions that gets them exposure and social validation.

We are surrounded by social injustice, division and wars and we struggle to make sense of how the egalitarian views are clashing with capitalism, yet we do not stop to wonder what is actually going on in the world and in our personal lives and we continue to work harder and want more.

My work with people shows me that our digital era has created a parallel artificial world and together with all of the other changes at social, politic and economic levels make our times unsettled, fast-changing and more distressing than ever. To get by each day we escape in the captivating media world where we get stimulated with so much information that leaves no room to understand the causes of our worries.

The bad news is that we are all affected by the reality of our world regardless if we become aware of it or not. The good news is that we can take action and we can change how we experience life, if we really want to. 

We can choose to give up living in our comfortable default functioning, disconnected from ourselves and the others and embrace self-awareness and conquer our fear of change. The process of therapy and self-discovery can help us remove our defenses and can transform our lives in our own terms. It is a fantastic journey and although challenging at times it is worth doing and it brings massive benefits to our mental wellbeing. 

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