Is there a plan behind the coronavirus pandemic?

Spiritual teachings suggest that there is scope and purpose in everything that happens in this universe, that there is a lesson to be learned from any act of human kind or the nature around us, as horrendous as they might be.

If there is meaning and purpose in any event that Earth will witness, then what is the coronavirus pandemic teaching us all?

I will not follow any of the many conspiracy theories circulating nowadays in the world, but my own inquiry process. We have been given our mental abilities to reason, to understand and we are all equipped with everything we need to do it. We’ve also been given everything we needed to live well on Earth and we gave back to the Earth whatever we thought we should.

Is coronavirus pandemic a coincidence or is part of a bigger plan? What could be the lesson this pandemic tries to teach us? Could it be a reminder that we are human beings, “some” of the living species in this universe, not the “supreme” ones?

If we are part of that source of energy that changes the course of life on Earth, have we contributed to everything that happens around us? And if we did, are we learning from this? Some reconnect with their roots and humble beings whilst others refuse to even wear a protection mask.

Coronavirus can teach us a lot about who we really are, but it rests with each of us to do the search within. To look at our lives through the transgenerational pain we all hold within our souls and to see our actions today informing our future tomorrow and the suffering the future generations will carry within them too.

We talk a lot about equality and fairness, yet these days we see the 2 poles of our human nature more exposed than ever. Some risk their lives, others are looking for opportunities to make more money. Some suffer, others are emotionless, some are connected, others are disconnected from their selves and the ones around them.

For some people, realizing that we are equal in the face of the coronavirus threat comes as a painful realization. There are people that don’t want to look at themselves as being equal with the others. They do not want to mix with the masses. They have titles. They have followers. They have been elected. They have been invested trust. And that makes them special. They feel above all. They live in denial and sometimes they make decisions for us all from a place of denial. 

Why do people get trapped in the greed, in the fame, in the deceit of glory? Why do they defend their disowned fears ignoring the number of people affected by the coronavirus these days? “The numbers are not significant” some say. “Many more people die because of starvation, smoking or suicide each year” I hear others say. From a psychological perspective it makes sense: we’ve been programmed to protect ourselves from pain, to see selectively, to defend our individual differences.

I love Psychology, but I cannot ignore that it has contributed to this segregation, enforcing our obsession with individual differences. It set us to function in “otherness” and the otherness created capitalism. The otherness encouraged capitalism and the individual differences validated capitalism. The gap between me and you, him and her, us and them has widened and we see it daily on the  news if we are blind to what is happening right in front of our eyes.

Wired to function in “otherness” some of us struggle to contemplate a world of “togetherness”. Could it be that maybe this coronavirus pandemic prompts us to reevaluate our lives, to go back to our roots and rethink the concept of ‘togetherness” in the solitude of our confinements?

Did we need this little biological entity which is not considered a living species by the scientists (although it seems to be very alive within our bodies) to remind us how frail and fragile we are despite our strength, to remind us the gap between greed and altruism, between right and wrong and between confidence and fear?

Did we need a little biological entity to stop us all at a global level? It is possible. How else would we have stopped from our alienated lives driven by “doing”, “having’ and “achieving”, to look within and reconnect with our kindness, care and compassion, and also to allow the planet to breath without pollution for a while?

Perhaps we needed this microscopic biological entity to take a distant look at our world, to see the bigger picture: where we are, where we live, what we are doing with our planet’s resources, to ourselves, to the ones around us, to the universe.

Maybe we needed this virus to help us stop our minds and take control of our lives from behind our minds, to experience life free from capitalism and consumerism. To remind us that we do not need that much, that most of our modern world inventions are not necessary. That we can live with less. That the world systems and institutions can be paused and changed, that we can rewire our minds running by default on an automatic pilot all the time.

If this is the case, then the coronavirus pandemic offers us an opportunity to reconsider our lives as individuals, communities and humanity, to shift our focus from individual differences to similarities, to see our human nature as a part of the grander nature around us, and to acknowledge that we are all the same and we experience life the same.

Whatever the plan, we are now connected in a global fear and anxiety for the future. And this connection might be the new big bang that ignites the need for togetherness, the care and compassion for ourselves and the others, the respect for our bodies, minds and souls and the care for our Earth and the cosmos around it.

Can this trigger in us a deeper level of consciousness? Can this help us create a better world for us all in the future? Why not?

The future cares about where we are going and not where we are coming from. The future is built through the experience of the past and the enlightenment of the present. Are we now able to use this space of reflection and connect with the core of our beings, to understand how we became who we are, how parts of our human nature and the system of this world have brought us where we are today, and change?

Or is our programming so strong that it cannot be altered? Is our human nature is so weak that it cannot be strengthened? Are the world systems too powerful that will not allow us to escape? If we awaken or not will decide if this little microscopic biological entity is the agent that will start the transformation of the humanity or will remain just another pandemic in the history books.

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