The 3D impact on our lives

Denial, Deceit and Delusion are the 3 mental dimensions we often get stuck in. They stop us from being in touch with ourselves and they prevent us from growing and developing in our wholeness and depth.

Denial is natural defence mechanism which acts unconsciously to protect us from pain and suffering. When we look at denial from this perspective, it seems to be quite beneficial to us. Imagine having to see everything that is happening in the world and feel everything at its own magnitude. We would probably not be able to cope with the hurt from the horrors and atrocities that are taking place. On a smaller scale, imagine having to hear all the thoughts our partners, parents, friends and other dear people about us, verbalised or manifested at a body language level. Many times those vibes towards us are positive, but there will be times when strain and tension will impact their attitude and behaviours towards us. If we would have to acknowledge everything that people are doing it would make it difficult to maintain positive relationships with them. In these times, the denial is helpful. But denial happens in other circumstances too. It happens when others are abusive towards us and we let them be, also when we engage in self-destructive actions and we act as like it does not happen. In these times when denial prevents us from seeing our own faults, denial works in our disadvantage as keeps us in darkness and unable to change.

Deceit or self-deceit are also quite common in our lives. Our minds distort the truth, the reality of an experience or another to help us feel better about its outcome. This can happen when we lose someone or something and we struggle to handle the feelings of grief or we omit or modify parts of a story to avoid being judged or undervalued by others. There are times, however, when our deceit becomes a downside. It can be a time when we feel down and we hid that inner experience from our family, work mates or friends, acting in a dissimulating way and pretending everything is fine. This keeps us struggling in silence and prevents us from getting the support we need. There are also circumstances when for a reason or another we decide to be dishonest with others which can bring conflicts and disappointment, with terrible impact on our wellbeing, in particular when these tensions takes place within close relationships.

The delusions enter our mental space as false beliefs about something or someone. They become quite real into our minds despite the fact that the others around us challenge repeatedly our false impressions. These delusions take shape sometimes around various fantasies we develop, often related to general dreams and aspirations in life which do not hold a realistic ground. Whether they manifest continuously or from time to time, the delusions can hold various levels of intensity and affect our mental states and our relationships with the world. I write about delusions here in a non-medical space where I see them as human manifestations and not psycho-pathological elements that might form a diagnosis and I think of people from all walks of life being affected by a deluded mindset, most times developed around heavy topics like religion, politics, capitalism, etc.  

The 3D are natural occurrences in our lives and are part of our programming and default way of functioning. We are all experiencing them to a degree or another and we can all see at times their negative impact on our mental wellbeing. Denial, Deceit and Delusion can help us get by in some circumstances but they can also act as real blockages in our attempts to create happy and fulfilling lives. What can we do to manage them? Just become aware that whatever happens within might be one of these 3D manifestations and keep an open eye on their impact to be able to implement changes, if needed, and reduce the distress and suffering in the future.

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