Client Success Stories


“I’ve always been a leader and my passion in life has been to create change. Always driven by high-impact success outcomes and achievements, my life has been very busy, to say the least, and without knowing I found myself approaching the retirement age.

Coming out of nowhere, on my way to the office one morning I had this realization that I am coming close to the end of my career which was not pleasant at all. Within the space of days my entire focus moved from the important items on my agenda to retirement and it made me so depressed that I decided to do something about it.

I found Nicoleta through recommendations and I am glad I did. I was stunned by her ability to discern between personal and professional problems, and to extract the subliminal message from my narrative.

For a few meetings I kept talking about the loss of my creativity, the lack of vision for my next project and goals in life and how I find myself accountable for this impasse in work. Nicoleta listened to me patiently and communicated understanding to my circumstances stating that for my entire life I kept raising the bar and now I must feel like there was nowhere else to go. That was exactly how I felt.

Nicoleta helped me identify and overcome my blocks, explore how my skills set could be used from a consultancy perspective and reminded me of my capabilities and my worth outside of my professional role.

We explored the loss of status anxiety underlying my retirement and I learned to re-center my life on the present, celebrating my accomplishments and planning a gradual retirement process to avoid further distress and disruptions.

The conversation was fluid and one topic led to another in an organic way. I’ll find it difficult to explain if that was coaching or therapy, maybe a mixture of both, but I certainly enjoyed that approach and I feel there is value in this style of work.

Nicoleta made me feel a partner in the conversation and not a client and she behaved like we were heading towards a mutually satisfying outcome which was extremely helpful. I am confidently recommending Nicoleta for any life inquiry. She is very skillful, resourceful and insightful and she will make it easy for you to find clear direction in life”.

Male, 64, CEO

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“My work with Nicoleta was amazing. I had a lot of therapy in the past, but this time my mom died and I really wanted to work with someone that would relate to my pain. When I read on Nicoleta’s website that she lost her parent it felt like a good fit.

I cannot thank Nicoleta enough for being so flexible and accepting to work with me in various locations, otherwise with my demanding business travelling it would have been very hard. I was also very happy to find that Nicoleta offers various options and not only a 50 min session which was really nice, because when I talk about my mom’s passing, I am usually very emotional and quite tearful and would have been horrible to leave the sessions before I had the chance to calm myself down. 

There is so much to say about working with Nicoleta, I don’t even know where to start. I found her intuitive approach very helpful, and I also appreciated her kind and caring nature, it meant so much to me. I also loved Nicoleta’s guidance to explore the meaning of this loss for me and at the same time celebrate the wonderful times I spent with my extraordinary mother. 

It felt really soothing to learn to let go of inner pain and accept the loss at a deeper level, it certainly made me more able to handle my current life affairs, but also less scared of dying and more at peace within myself.

 I was surprised to discover how much knowledge and understanding of human life Nicoleta has and how softly she guided me to realize how this recent loss connected with other experiences from my past. 

It definitely opened my eyes to a new way of looking at life and I will see Nicoleta again when I’ll have other life queries because I know she can guide me there, too”.

Female, 41, Artist

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“There are people and people, and there are professionals and professionals. Nicoleta is a rare person and most likely a rare practitioner. As a coach myself, having been in the helping professions for over 3 decades I feel I can make the difference.  

I heard about Nicoleta’s work from a peer and it happened that I needed support in my personal and professional life at the time so I met her wanting to try something new. Her style of work is really interesting, right at the border between science and art and is flowing so well regardless of the topic. I tried hypnotherapy for the first time and it was a pleasant surprise for me and very stimulating to explore my life difficulties and my work confusion from a novel perspective. 

On a personal level, I loved the fact that Nicoleta places a lot of emphasis on human nature and the affairs of our social world. It offered me a new take on my life which I never contemplated before. My friends were awed to hear me talking about self-acceptance and self-compassion as I always came across as very rational and cold, but I suppose it’s never too late to learn about being human, is it? 

The revelations continued with my work where I felt at times a bit old fashioned, maybe even underskilled nowadays when so many youngsters make a start in the coaching profession. Nicoleta has such an remarkable gift to make you see the big picture and gently guided me realise that there is a market for everyone and rewired my passion for work and the wealth of experience I accumulated over the years. 

I used that opportunity to revise my business plan for the short and mid term future and we ended up with a very fruitful executive coaching experience. I value Nicoleta’s international experience, the psychology background and the holistic approach, it does make a difference and I hope she will continue to mentor me in the future”. 

Male, 55, Life Coach

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“My story is a bit of sour/sweet experience. I was in an abusive relationship for 12 years without even knowing it. On a surface level everything was so good. There was love, respect, attention and care on both sides, but it was a deceit.  

One day I found out accidentally that my partner was cheating on me and has been doing it throughout all those years with virtually all my friends. 

I felt like my life was over, that I lived such a big lie, that I am a nobody, a worthless person that values nothing, but I could not leave. He would show remorse and ask for forgiveness each time and I would believe him. Two years I lived like that and it’s been hell. Thank God someone gave me Nicoleta’s card and I called her to organise a meeting.

Nicoleta helped me get out of that hell and move on with my life, but it was horrendous. Me and my ex, we had many assets together, properties and business, and it felt impossible to not be in contact and not be tempted to hope for a reunion. Initially I did not understand what Nicoleta was trying to make me realise and I thought about quitting therapy, but then she wisely helped me clarify what I was feeling in that chaos of life I had.

I felt miserable, unwanted, rejected, abandoned, betrayed, humiliated, powerless and scared about my future. The therapy removed the blind from my eyes and I had to face the truth. That was not the life I wanted for myself. I deceived myself hoping he will stop each time, but it was obvious that he had no real intention to do it and that was very disrespectful towards me. 

When Nicoleta explored that my ex-partner might struggle with love and sex addiction, I thought that was ridiculous, but then Nicoleta explained in plain words how this behavior starts and develops. When I heard her talking about other people she worked with it felt like she was talking about my own experience over the past 2 years when I tried everything I could to save that relationship. That was the wake-up call. 

I felt relieved that at least I could understand what happened and I could accept that he did not do that to me but to himself, and I also felt a bit reassured that many other people are going through this hurdle in life and they survive. 

I ended up loving my time with Nicoleta and her fantastic flexible and adaptable manner which helped me work long sessions at a time in my own space. I felt safer and more inclined to talk about my suffering in my place and that helped me heal the hurt. 

Nicoleta helped me reconnect with myself, with my feminine side, with my value and worth and this is priceless. I will continue to work with her, she is very good in her work”.

Female entrepreneur, 52

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“When I contacted Nicoleta I was dealing with a very stressful work environment. I found myself hating not only going to work, but even waking up in the morning.

It took me long time to seek help as I did not like the idea of talking to others about my problems. In fact, I never had any therapy in my whole life and, somehow, although I never said it out loud, deep inside my heart I did not trust it. However, I got to a point where I could not handle it anymore. I could not sleep at night, I called in sick often and I started losing my clients which was a big mess not just for the company, but also for myself as I worked in sales and I gained most of my income through commissions.

One day my sister came over early afternoon and she found me in bed, overly depressed and almost suicidal. And that was it. She shook me really badly and forced me to take action. I am so grateful to both my sister and Nicoleta for supporting me throughout this journey. It saved not only my 11 years career, but potentially even my life.

Working with Nicoleta was such an eye opener. I must confess it felt so humiliating at times to speak about myself and we literally spent half of the time working around my sense of self-worth which despite my confident and balanced exterior was a bit insecure and uncertain inside.

I never imagined I would say this but I actually liked the sessions and I found it such an interesting venture to discover myself, well some parts of myself, as I thought in my ignorance I perfectly knew who I was. But then Nicoleta had such a natural way of guiding me through myself that it felt tireless and just humane.

I am a different person now. I do not have to pretend I know everything or I can achieve anything, and I am learning to accept my weaker sides and nurture them in a way. What was mind blowing was to be guided to explore my thoughts and emotions and realise I can live with the fact that new waves of young people will continue to invade the sales environment, which was a type of very subtle anxiety I was not aware I had.

And lastly, I can say that my low mood has disappeared as soon as I started building some strength in my sense of self and practice mindfulness with Nicoleta. Overall, a very good experience, highly recommending Nicoleta for her skills and expertise”. 

Male, 33, Regional Sales Manager

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“I’ve had a stupendous life. Successful, thrilling, in the spotlight. But there was a part of my life where I always struggled: love. My love life has been full of losses and breakups, followed by long periods of singlehood.

Work and travelling filled my life for years, but after the shows I always felt lonely and sad. When I met Nicoleta I was a powerful singer on stage, but had no voice to talk about my private life. 

We worked extensively on how my career kicked off and how much I wanted to make it in that glamorous world and it took me a few intensive sessions to realize that Nicoleta was looking to help me reach that essential part of me that I never connected with. I entered the entertainment industry very young and I was transformed by it so radically that the real me stood no chance to develop. 

Nicoleta managed to guide me through that journey and although it was not easy, we found a way to break through the confusion and get to the bottom of me. I felt so emotional when I got closer to that vulnerable side of me. 

That process was fantastic and I cannot thank Nicoleta enough for her patience and encouraging support. Knowing myself helped me figure out the impact of my work on my private life and clarified what I wanted from a partner and what went wrong in my past relationships. I did not longer look in the wrong direction and very shortly after I started dating a childhood friend who is now my fiancée and soon to be husband. 

Today, I am learning to be myself in my real life and switch to the singer role when I go on stage. Wish I met Nicoleta a few years back”. 

Female, 27, Singer-Songwriter

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“I’m a performer and I reached a point when I did not know what was real and what was acting in my life. I lost track of time and I lost myself. I did not know who I was anymore.  

My team did everything for me, I don’t think I lived in the real world for years, and even this service was organised for me. I did not want to go to see a specialist anyway because I did not think I had a problem, so I went to the “tester” meeting expecting to be out soon and click another engagement off my list. 

Then I met Nicoleta and she spoke to me gently and slowly and I could sense how my breathing slowed down and my mind stopped running from one idea to another. It was the first time in many years when I stepped out of my manic life and I felt like me again. I left the first session feeling lighter and somehow energized, but I got back to my old routine within minutes.

A few weeks later I had a breakdown and the image of Nicoleta’s open, kind and passionate response came through my mind. This time it was me asking for another meeting. We spent a lot of time together doing intensive work and she brought me back to feeling alive and most importantly more in touch with myself. 

During our meetings I learned more about myself than in my entire life and although it felt uneasy and challenging at times, I am proud I managed to feel humble about my life again. For many years I had no love and appreciation for myself and I relied exclusively on the applauds of the others. 

Nicoleta helped me understand what was underlying my problems in life and discover why I chose to do what I was doing which was a staggering surprise to me. Yes, it was amazing. 

Now I feel differently about therapy, well, about personal exploration, because we did not talk about illness at all, and this is what I liked most about working with Nicoleta, she made me feel so natural, so fine, so cool, like I am ok as I am. 

I can definitely say it changed how I see life nowadays and it changed who I think I am (beyond the curtains, I mean). For me Nicoleta is my mentor and I trust her to be there for me when I’ll need it in the future. She lives and works in the real world, away from false promises and deceit and she even managed to stir my interest in spirituality. So stupid to think therapy was bullshit for so many years. I lost a lot of precious time hiding from myself”.

Male, 29, Actor

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“It brings me great joy to write this review. I love psychology and psychotherapy and there was a time when I wanted to study it myself, buy anyhow I ended up in the medical school.  

Overall, I managed the course really well but during my final year I started to feel tired, uninterested and very low on energy. I found Nicoleta on an online directory and I liked the fact that she had background in clinical psychology and was also local to me. 

The process was smooth and I genuinely loved it. Nicoleta helped me deal with my procrastination and guided me inside where I found that underneath my blockage there was significant anxiety around graduating, starting seeing real patients, and generally practicing as a doctor. 

Working with Nicoleta helped me understand why I loved psychology that much. We are so complex and beautifully crafted and we are so deep and multifaceted. I so much enjoyed exploring my hesitation and not in a million years would I have thought that what was behind it was actually anxiety. But yeah, this was the case and as soon as I realized that and I explored it with the help of Nicoleta I managed to overcome the irrational thoughts behind it and I felt relieved and transformed. 

I am grateful to Nicoleta for introducing me to the concept of ‘manifesting’ and for helping me refocus and connect with my strengths (I am sure she will say she did nothing, I did all the work, she does like to give you credit as a client). Anyhow, I will confidently give Nicoleta’s details to anyone dealing with performance issues or general stuckness in life, because she really knows what she’s doing”.

 Female, 25, Medical Student

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“All my life I paid attention to the thinking in my brain and that was my addiction. I stayed trapped into the same pattern of thinking because this is what I learned and I can now see that I was pretty much directed in life by my ego.

My ego kept me busy all the time focused on resolving my stupid conflicts from the past and pushing me harder to achieve more in the future. I was trapped in that delusion and I never lived in the present where my life actually happened.

There were tears in my eyes when I realised I have not seen the sky, the trees or the flowers around me for so many years.

I felt overwhelmed by the noise of my constant thinking and the noise of the outside world and I would probably still be there if I would not have met you Nicoleta to challenge me to observe my thinking, alert my consciousness and awaken.

Thank you for not giving up on me when I resisted myself so badly. You’ve been so insightful and sincere, yet open and compassionate and you helped me learn to stay still and to reconnect with my body and soul.

I had too much garbage in my mind and there was no room for genuine human connection and real relationships, just space for blaming and judgement. It came at a cost, but I am grateful for this journey. I no longer believe my problems come from my parents and I have now regained control over my life.

There are no words to describe how I feel within me now and what a difference it has made to my wellbeing to reconnect with myself and heal the hurts from my past. I grew so much as a person and artist in such a short space of time. Absolutely unbelievable…”

Female, 39, Artist

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“This One Off Focused Session was amazing. I truly enjoyed it and I’ll have it again if I need it.

I never contemplated my so many angles and corners and it was great to discover how quickly the confusion dissipated throughout the session and how clearly I could look at my life at the end. I learned a lot in a few hours and it was indeed life changing.

Everything changed after the session. I know myself better and I reached a level of acceptance of myself which was not possible before. I have more direction in life now and I am learning to care more about myself and less about the others. 

This is how therapy should work: get some time off, explore your issue, understand what’s happening around it, find the solutions, put them into practice, reach some insight and move on with your life”.

Male, 27, Musician

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“We had the One Day Mindfulness Retreat to relax after a couple of months of intense travelling. We wanted to try something special and we both felt the need for quietness and peace.

This retreat package was perfect for us, a must try and repeat without doubt. Imagine you have your own specialist coming at your home where you feel comfortable and safe. Imagine you can walk bare feet around your house, lay down for mindfulness on the grass in your garden, take a break and make your own cup of tea when you wish to, feel in control all the time. 

On top of this, you have Nicoleta guiding you to let go, helping you to learn about yourself, teaching you to bring you mind, soul and body in symbiosis, and unexpectedly, resolve some of your couple communication issues at the same time. 

How else can you get all of these results in the space of one day? We both loved it. It was transformational and it left us relieved and connected. We both decided to continue with our personal and couple exploration”.

Couple (Female, 31, Model & Male, 49, CEO & Entrepreneur) 

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“I signed up for the 3 Days Intensive Self-Discovery in the midst of the most challenging times, when I was down in all aspects of my life. I would lie if I said I had great expectations.

In my mind I imagined it would be a conventional therapy programmed, just go there, talk, release the tension and move on, with the difference that the sessions did not have to end in one hour. Far away from the reality. I was blown away by this journey, an absolute unbelievable experience. It feels surreal that everything happened in 3 days. What a jump from where I was to where I ended up being. 

I got material to write not an article, but an entire book and I managed to move through the difficulties in my relationship towards some clarity, forgiveness and acceptance. How special to learn so much about me and the relationship with myself in such a short time. I replaced the emptiness with excitement and I reconnected with my purpose in life. Superb work, thank you Nicole”.

Female, 35, Journalist 

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“I’ve been through a terrible relapse and when my publisher told me I can go away on a holiday to recover and I can have my private coach with me to work through my problems for an entire week I found it very interesting as a concept.

I had no clue how it’s going to work out, but I am pleased with myself that I considered it. In a way it felt like I had my personal mobile rehab developed around me and my needs, and I found it so comforting to be a tourist on holiday and also get the support of such an experienced professional.

I liked the package, it was very well structured, yet flexible and gentle. Nicoleta treated me with the utmost respect and kindness and I was surprised to see how culturally attuned she is.

I had a lot of support over the years, but this package was different. It made me feel I am a person and not a patient and it allowed me to feel human and understand parts of my journey that I could not grasp before.

We spent most of the time in the nature and this was also so unusual, yet helpful. I had one week to nurture my body, heal my soul and tidy up my mind. It worked miracles. I found the answers I was searching for: I learned to handle conflicts and I am now working to repair my relationships which were my main triggers in life. 

I am in a different space now and I am more aware of my life and more connected with myself and the others. This is a place where I feel stronger and less in need to self-medicate. The future looks positive. Brilliant result”.

Female, 47, Actress

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“I found Nicoleta when I was at a crisis point with my job/career goals/health and I felt completely lost in myself, completely unsure of my life.

Nicoleta’s professional guidance and the trusted, safe and pleasant environment she creates enabled us to work through my crisis in a way that felt almost effortless and a logical occurrence.
Since then she has helped me to dive deeper – all the while reminding me to consider myself, to be kind to myself. She is helping me understand my own identity which is being pushed and pulled with every new life experience; helping me identify what impacts my soul, and helping me work through it – the challenging aspects of past, present or future of life, interpersonal relationships, being a doctor.
I love her gentle and constructive approach in considering the influences of the past and present but always looking to the future in a positive light. I am so happy I met her  – our sessions have not only helped me in the moment but have also shaped my thinking and understanding of life and of those around me. I feel much better equipped to process difficult moments. These are lessons I will carry with me for the rest of my life. Thank you Nicoleta!”.

Female, 26, A&E Junior Doctor

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