Seduced by idols and influencers

Our habit to put labels on everything includes our mental functioning as well. We fit it in a set of criteria and since we are programmed to be perfect and excel all the time we fail to acknowledge that our mental activity is fluctuating in an organic way. Who wants to be labeled mentally ill anyway?

Mental health and mental illness do not exist, they are social constructs invented by us, people. Whatever we are experiencing is a natural human  manifestation which is oscillating on a continuum of experience between well and unwell.

Yet, the medical model is very seductive and most time we follow it by default. Some people will rely on a medical practitioner to tell them what is happening inside their minds but stigma of fear of being evaluated and diagnosed keeps many still depressed and suffering in silence.

Some people look for shortcuts and avoid talking to a professional altogether. They find an “easier route”: they follow the ideas of various idols and influencers and they place themselves at risk of losing track of who they actually are and what is their real purpose in life. I work with many people that lose sense of their self keep trying to become who the’re not.

Sadly, the awakening is triggered quite late in life when many precious years have been lost already. The regret and sadness that follow these realisations is hard to manage and people are shocked to see how they wondered around and followed their charismatic idols.

I see often how this can complicate people’s lives and how it brings unnecessary distress, especially when the awakening happens through illness or other massive loss that requires work on many levels at the same time. I do this work routinely and I know it’s a difficult journey to take, but with patience and self-belief there is always a away back to the self.

My learning has been that a keen interest in genuine personal growth and development can simplify our lives and prevents us waste valuable time and resources. When we choose to embrace awareness we start to change our default functioning and edit our being to make the best of each day.

This helps us stop the automatic functioning of our minds and look into the mirror of our hearts to create those authentic lives we love living.

Each second is an opportunity to change your lives and it is entirely up to you if you use that choice or you waste it.

I say: trust yourself and do it. Because you are worthy!

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