Time to rfenew your life


Your accelerated 12 weeks real transformation programme 

To take you from where you are today to where you realistically want to be

So, you’ve been through some life already, right?

Perhaps you are a mature person that has lived already the highs and lows of life?

+ You loved, then you hated
+ You trusted, then you distrusted
+ You felt clarity, then you felt confusion
+ You’ve been hurt, and you hurt others
+ You created, and then destroyed
+ You dreamed, and then you lost hope
+ You achieved, and then you lost it
+ You invested, and then you wasted
+ You took care of some parts of yourself, and you neglected other parts of yourself
+ You worked hard, and sometimes you rested
+ You saw the light, and you felt the darkness
+ You felt free, and you felt imprisoned
+ You gave, and you received
+ You took care of others, then others took care of you…


... you are still in your youth, only starting to touch some of these stages, and trying to make sense of your life?

Whatever the case, something is certain…

Life does not feel good inside.

And you feel ready to look into this now!

It is clear to you…


◊ You feel it’s time to stop living by default and start opening the eyes to a new reality of life.

◊ You want to transcend the limitations of your current perception.

◊ You want to open to experience from the inside out.

◊ You feel you need to follow your inner guidance.

◊ And you need a guide! Someone that has been through this journey many times.

Let’s see what you are searching for…

Are you searching for a 360ᶱ Life Makeover?

Do you feel inside of you that you are transitioning towards a new stage in your life?

One in which you live from a place of expansion and openness to truth, joy and happiness?

Is your intuition leading you to review and adjust both your inner world and your outer world?




Are you interested to understand what you are made of? To get to know your body, mind and soul from the inside out? And to explore how aligned you feel within with your social personal and the many roles you carry with you in life? Do you want to unpack your personal story and trauma and explore the truth and lies about your life script? Are you fed up with your negative self-narrative and the unstable attachment and relational style? Is it clear to you that you have a form of clinging on people, that you struggle to maintain clear and safe boundaries and tend to create traumatic bonds with others? Do you want to really grasp what’s underneath your current patterns of thinking and behaviour? Would you like to grow self-belief, self-regard and increase awareness of your self-worth? Ultimately, when your internal world is moving into a more balanced space and you reach a state of yoga and equilibrium where you bring your body, mind and soul together in a peaceful existence and live from a place of peace – not tension!

Add 6 steps ….







Do you want to reframe and revitalise your relationships with the outer world? To repair and heal your relationship with your family members, to know and understand your ancestry and conditioning and to understand how your social persona developed and how far you are from your real self? To explore your mindset around love, sex and intimacy? To deal with the past trusting issues, with the betrayal and the disappointment? To explore the source of your shame, guilt, lust, vanity and obsession? To open your eyes to the transgenerational trauma and the enmeshed family system?

Do you feel it’s time to attune and manage the relationships with the others i.e. friends, work mates/bosses, neighbours, educators, and people from the local community? To explore how you learned to be in social relationships and what are the boundaries of safety, connection and intensity in relationships? To work through what’s happening inside of you when you are exposed to approval, judgement and rejection and what drives your need for belonging and validation? To understand the power of influence, persuasion and manipulation in relationships and reframe your primal drives of power and control in the relationship dynamic? To learn to transcend disagreements and conflicts with ease and finesse, to rethink your response to the performance culture and competition and respond from tolerance and acceptance? To embrace cultural diversity and hybridity and see life from the lenses of togetherness and not “otherness”?

Would you like to review your place in the world? To look the nature, the earth, the ecosystem and the universe beyond the scientific lenses? To figure out your own personal (uncontaminated) take on the bridge between religion, science and spirituality? To understand the power of politics and social structures that set order around you? To explore the impact of the social justice system on your wellbeing? To find your own niche towards a good life through the capitalistic economy and the trends of consumerism, unstable job market and career paths? To review your relationship with the internet, social media and the artificial intelligence that will be changing your life significantly in the years to come? Finally, do you want to get crystal clear on your purpose in this work to enable you to create your own future and your history in the making?


Then if you find yourself in what you’ve just read, you are ready for an accelerated 360* Life Makeover.

And I am ready to accompany you in this journey and guide you through a safe path towards your end goal.

Let’s get your life from where it is today to where you realistically want it to be.

Enrol in this 360* Life Makeover Package and let’s move your life towards the direction of your dreams.

I will lend you all the tools you need. You just have to use them.

With your committed intention to transform your life, together with my 2 decades of experience in this field and the thousands of hours doing this work of contributing to changing other people’s lives (which I live tremendously, by the way!) you are only 7 steps away from living the life of your dreams.

No more living an accidental life as designed by those around you. It is time you reconnect with your dormant resources and infinite possibilities and become present to the experience that arises so you can create your life from within and make it exactly as you wish it to be.

Time to wake up every morning joyful and refreshed, excited to start a new day, conflict free and feeling at peace and connected with yourself, others and the world, satisfied with your work and living circumstances, in charge of your time and schedule, living a mindful life and enjoying every moment of it.

Give yourself 12 weeks of real transformation. Imagine that in 3 months all your current problems have been sorted and all your dreams are starting to take shape (or have already became a reality). It is all in your hands. 90 days for a new life. 90 days of self-discovery, healing and personal growth. Proper self-development, all about you and your life – not by following the crowds, listening to more indoctrination and trying to match other peoples’ actions. No, this time you do it for real: from the inside out. 90 days to search for the burning answers of your life and existence right where they are: within yourself. The first 90 days you genuinely give to yourself. And insignificant amount of time comparing to the given to the external world so far, trying to fit it, to show smart, articulate and adequate. 90 days of authentic self-centered (in the good way) attention to makeover your life. A small drop in the ocean comparing to the 10 – 15 – 20 thousands of days you have lived faking life, squashing your being to fit the external world and your previous conditioning. 90 days of captivating self-discovery, healing and personal growth to finally set yourself free from all nonsense and poison that have been downloaded in you by the world so you can experience life from a place of ownership and liberation.

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