Psychotherapy is the most complex practice exploring the human mind and works at a deeper level with who you’ve been, who you are and who you are about to become, stimulating healing and awakening.

In the process of psychotherapy you will connect with yourself through self-exploration and with the people around you through analysis, also with what might transcend your perception and understanding, including the universe around you and your roots and ancestry, essential to your being.

You might feel the need to embark on such journey after significant loss or trauma, in life crisis situations or when your self-destructive actions have caused significant distress to yourself and others. 

It could also be triggered by other known or unknown sources that can impact negatively on your day to day functioning, or you just want to do it as a process of self-development.

Psychotherapy can facilitate insight into your unconscious processes and can offer you a safe forum to understand how your programming and past experience have influenced your present and how might they inform your future.

I will introduce you to your real self

I place at the core of my psychotherapy practice the relational aspect of your being at all levels: how you relate to yourself, how you relate to the significant people in your life and the others, and how you relate to the world.

Psychotherapy will offer you great understanding of how your personality has developed as an adaptive response to your environment and will aim to repair deficits from your past and open your eyes to a new way of being. We will consider your genetics, your education in family and school, your human nature and the impact of the social world in your life.

This process will allow you room to listen to your inner voice and purify your mind of all limiting beliefs and self-punishing drives you developed throughout life, in an absolutely liberating experience.

Working with me in psychotherapy will introduce you to your real self and will teach you to love and appreciate yourself as you are in your imperfect creation, filling the emptiness in your heart and creating space for the fullness of your being, in a soothing, approving and nurturing way.

Are you ready for healing and awakening?

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Use psychotherapy on its own or in combination with other tools to achieve healing and awakening, but also to grow and mature in your wholeness. 

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