REDUCE FEAR AND GET RID OF WORRIES – 60 Min Guided Hypnotherapy for Anxiety


Time to take control of your life.

Do not allow your worries spoil your life.

Meet each day with calm and tranquility.


This 60 min guided hypnotherapy session was designed to help you reduce anxiety and regain a sense of balance and wellbeing in life. A deep mindfulness session growing into a healing and absolutely transformational experience. Let go of the fear and create space for a positive and peaceful life. Permit yourself to use this relaxing hour to expand your mind and find the clarity and direction you need in life. Reconnect with those wonderful resources you hold within and change your life the way you want. End each session in peace and tranquility.


  • Learn to live in the present moment
  • Get in touch with yourself
  • Breathe and bring oxigen into your body
  • Relax every cell in your physical body
  • Let go of your negative irrational thoughts
  • Identify your fears
  • Learn strategies to find balance
  • Regain balance and inner peace










For everyone 18+ including those that have not experienced a formal trance induction before.

Great for those highly absorbed in their imagining.

Perfect for those immersed in the worst-case scenario.

Life changing for those scanning the future continuously, searching for anything that can go wrong.

Ideal for those ready to let go of the old and embrace the new.



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