Improve your relationships from the comfort of your home. 

what if you could…

…FIND genuine happiness, stability and safety in your relationships and stop the conflicts and tension that affect you really badly deep down inside…

…TRADE your anxiety, annoyance, sadness and frustration for joy, aliveness and tranquility…

HAVE your own  personal coach to guide you master the art of relating because no one taught you how hard and challenging relationships can be…

FIT your sessions around your busy schedule without having to travel and show up somewhere…

You can! BUT YOU DON’T HAVE TO do it alone. wE can do it together.

With Your 3 Online Relationship Therapy Programmes

To release tension, resolve your relationship problems, grow understanding, and develop your ability to navigate smoothly through conflict and adversity in your relationships in the future.



The Awareness Package

1 X 60 min introductory session

2 x 60 min core sessions

1 x 60 min ending session

4 hour sessions



The Movement Package

1 X 60 min introductory session

6 x 60 min core sessions

1 x 60 min ending session

8 hour sessions



The Awakening Package

1 X 60 min introductory session

10 x 60 min core sessions

1 x 60 min ending session

12 hour sessions


The Online Relationship Therapy Packages Are For You If:

√ You find it easy to talk about your feelings from distance.

√ You struggle in at least 1 of your 4 relationship circles in your life.

√ You deeply want to change how you feel inside.

√ You are searching for a greater understanding of your self.

√ You want to increase your ability to connect with yourself and the others.

√ You are searching for answers to some fundamental existential questions.

√ You could benefit from more clarity and direction in life.

√ You are ready to embrace a new perspective on your life and relationships.

√ You believe you can grow more balanced and positive relationships.

√ You are determined to reduce your anxiety and depression.

√ You simply want to be happy and make the best of your life.

It all staRts with a mindful moment…

The Awareness Package is the short intro version. It may be for you if you never had therapy or counselling before and are looking to establish how you feel exploring your life in the online space.

You will opt for the Awareness Package when you have a little relational issue you want to sort out e.g. a conflict, worry, dilemma that requires guidance to find some clarity and direction, to make a decision or to resolve a specific relational problem.

Focused on getting clear and tangible results in the short term, the Awareness Package is not suitable for complex issues, but it can be a good starter to open up the self-inquiry process towards a much deeper level of exploration and understanding of the 4 Relationship Circles Roadmap.

The Awareness Package will hold you in a supportive space and will empower you to live a mindful life. It will help you look at your troubles from a novel perspective and will guide you release the tension and resolve your problems to enjoy happy relationships with those around you.


That shifts things in your life…

The Movement Package may be for you if you experience several issues at the same time, irrespective if you had online therapy before or not.

Clients that go for this package experience two or more of the following: an existing family matter, work/vocation issues, self-doubt, confusion, loss of significant other, discrimination or prejudice, problems in the local community, increased stress, loneliness, break-ups and separations, sexuality difficulties, marriage/parenthood issues, anger and impulse control problems, feeling low and depressed or feeling anxious and fearful.

This package will bring a sense of order in your life and will help you gain awareness and understanding of self and others. It will guide you clarify your priorities and will support you identify the root problems so you can create a realistic plan of action to resolve them one by one.

The Movement Package will offer you a supportive, but also and re-educative experience. It will help you develop a deeper understanding of your life journey and will equip you with a new set of skills to aid you in your self-development process so you can navigate more smoothly through conflicts and adversity in relationships in the future.

And then THE awakening kicks in…

The Awakening Package allows for more time and space for deeper reflection and exploration. It is suitable for any current relational problem like financial worries, loss of job or business, divorce or betrayal, etc. that triggers previous problems accumulated in time like death of a parent/significant other, trauma, illness of any sort, identity confusion, low self-worth, lack of confidence and self esteem, etc. 

The entanglement of recent issues with previous problems left unresolved can make you feel overwhelmed, wanting to go far away from this “here and now”, feeling hopeless, withdrawn, isolated and ruminating punishing negative thoughts.

If you cope with the issues through a form of dependency, either a substance misuse or an obsessive behaviour that you cannot control despite the negative consequences, you might as well experience feelings of shame, guilt and despair at times, alternating with a sense of insufficiency and a feeling that life should be more than this.

The awakening package offers a supportive, re-educative and mind reconstructive experience and will take you through a deeper level of personal growth and maturation. It will help you reconnect with your real self, enrich the relationships with the others and the world,  open to happiness and find a sense of meaning and purpose in life.



Through the eyes of my clients


When can I have my sessions?
Sessions are available Monday to Friday, with limited exceptional Saturday slots.
How soon can I book my sessions?
The waiting list is anywhere between 2 to 6 weeks, sometimes longer. According to your time flexibility and the urgency of your problem sooner sessions might be arranged. Never hesitate to click that button and send the inquiry.
Do I need to have my sessions weekly?
No, you can use your sessions quicker or slower, as you need.
Do I need to keep my weekly slot?
Yes, it is better to keep your weekly slot, but in unexpected circumstances we can reschedule at a flexible time to fit both ends.
What is it like to explore my relationships online?
This is a very revealing and transformative process, 1,000 better than chatting with your best friend.
Will you be using a certain therapeutic approach?
No, this is a holistic and integrative multi-dimensional programme tailored to your unique being and life experience.
Will you be using evaluations and diagnosis?
No, I look at life beyond the medical model and I believe that our problems come from a range of factors not necessarily from an illness.
How long it will take to resolve my problem?
It all depends, but we will work focused on solutions and results, and you will control both the intensity and the speed.
Can I pay by installments?
Yes, you can pay before each session if that works better for you.
What online platform will we use?
I use the secure VSee platform, but also Skype and Whatsapp, whatever most convenient to you.
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