Relationships have never been more challenging than these days

Hi, I’m Nicoleta

And I’m dedicated to help you sort out your relationships struggles once and for all

About me

I’m a psychologist, therapist and passionate practitioner researcher; fascinated by similarity and difference; interested in culture, diversity and minorities; a travel lover transitioned from the Eastern to the Western culture; survivor of childhood trauma and TNBC; grateful for my spiritual awakening journey; unshakable optimist; long term education obsessed; brainwashed high achiever; and self-confessed workaholic in recovery.

No, I’m not perfect. I’ve been through a roller coaster in life and perhaps you’ve been too.

I  am now dedicated to help you resolve your relationship struggles once and for all, to offload your luggage of confusion, distress and tension and bring back clarity, direction, excitement and happiness into your life.

now it’s your turn

How’s your relationship season?

Lacking confidence, direction and confused within yourself?

Affected by breakups, divorce, betrayal and other family issues?

Facing anxiety, depression and PTSD in response to the stress from others?

Struggling with job, business, social and financial troubles?

Say NO to worries and distress

and let’s get your life sorted!

Driven by passion for mental wellbeing, my personal transformational journey and many years of experience supporting people turn their relationships troubles into connection, happiness and fulfilment, I am crafting modern  therapy programmes  to help you feel understood and find quick and life-changing solutions to your burning problems.

my therapy programmes

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