Hypnotherapy is a very powerful tool used both on its own or as part of an wellbeing or personal development process. Hypnotherapy is in simple words the use of hypnosis for therapeutic benefits.

I use this very simple technique in my work regularly, giving positive suggestions to my clients’ conscious and unconscious minds whilst in trance.

There is no need to be hesitant when you hear about hypnosis or the trance. Your misconceptions will disappear when I will tell you that trance is nothing unusual, only an altered state of consciousness.

We naturally enter and exit trance all the time, like when we watch television, drive a car, day dream, meditate, etc. You might not have noticed, but you’ve been in trance many times today and possibly you will experience a trance whilst reading about it now.

The use of hypnosis, with or without regression in time, will enhance your process of self-exploration and will help you uncover and heal residual blockages from your past.

I can use hypnotherapy with you as an efficient tool in a variety of life situation such as: stress management, weight loss, smoking cessation, anxiety (fear/panic/phobia), performance enhancement, sexual dysfunctions, loss & bereavement, trauma, depression & low mood, impulse control, etc.

Are you ready to uncover and heal residual blockages from your past?

Choose any wellbeing package and you’ll get hypnotherapy together with other 5 talking therapies & psychology to transform your life the way you want.

Use hypnotherapy on its own or in combination with other tools to heal residual blockages from the past, also to grow and mature in your wholeness. 

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