How to find clarity and direction in 2020

At the end of each year we all look back at our past experiences and draw a line on our achievements, unfulfilled dreams, earnings and loses.

In an absolutely natural way we all look forward towards the future with new hopes and aspirations and optimistic plans for a better life.

Sometimes we struggle to find clarity and direction in life and this time of the year is a good opportunity to take a few moments and explore how we can sort that out.

A good start is to look back at our early years of life to understand how we were  molded by your families and school.  We can then explore how the outer world continued to influence us and this is where most times the confusion is coming from.

Our world has always been led by charismatic and seductive leaders and we all follow various “gurus”, fascinated by their ideas and philosophies of life. Following others is not necessarily bad, but when this makes us disconnect from our own selves it can bring a lot of confusion and unfulfilment.

Nowadays in particular is hard to retain a sense of self with so many voices that have been around for decades and large numbers of 22 year old graduates that claim to coach us get rich, successful and happy overnight. Many people fall for this promises and waste important times of their lives searching for the unfound, moving even further from their purpose in life.

We are all searching throughout our life for meaning and scope and very often they come disguised in money, titles, power or social status.

Sadly, way too often we find that they cannot reconnect us with ourselves, they cannot heal our inner wounds and will not automatically help us grow and develop inside out.

If this is your story too there is nothing to be upset about. I see it as good news. It means you’ve already tried that avenue and you came out into the light.

I say this because moving through life teaches us all sooner or later to stop listening to the noise outside and start listening to our inner voice.

And when we do that we receive the most priceless gift: we learn that the answers we are looking for lay within ourselves.

The key to everything we’re searching for is within our hearts and not in the outer world.

The way toward inner peace, joy and happiness can start for you right now, with acknowledging that following others took you even further from yourself.

Your real life transformation can start here and now, so bring the focus back to the significant you.

Find your own direction in life. You deserve to be happy, you deserve to be well, Trust yourself and do it. Reconnect, heal & grow, because you are worthy!

Wishing you that 2020 becomes the best year of your life to date!

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