How I moved from darkness into the light

For an important part of my life I lived what I was given. I was insanely attentive to my thought process and placed too little focus on my soul and even lesser on my physical body. That was what everyone was doing around me and I did not know any different.

Upon reflection, I am now thinking that my spiritual life has not been completely ignored as my grandmother was mystical and spoke a lot about the universe, the higher powers and the nature, but my grandfather’s mentoring was much more impactful as it was based on knowledge and science carefully measured and evaluated.

He taught me read and reason and I found that fascinating. Later, the school reinforced the initial learnings and continued to keep me trapped in that mind-way of functioning.

Although I always felt present in my body and I acknowledged my soul, my mind presence was so controlling that made everything else less significant. Committed to understand more about my being I started to search for answers to make sense of this confusing split.  

The psychology school failed to address the issue of constant thinking and encouraged me to reflect, explore, evaluate and assess even more. 

The psychotherapy and counselling training touched briefly the overthinking problem, but did not offer any solution other than CBT, which in itself required more thinking then before and tried to analyse even deeper the rational/irrational though process.

It was only when I trained in hypnotherapy that I learned to “let go”, joining my clients in trance and benefiting myself from that inner peace and tranquility. That moment changed completely how I used to function and allowed me the space to consider my unconscious mind equally, teaching me to silence my conscious mind if I wanted to.

As soon as I accepted that my conscious mind is only one part of me also that there is much more out there that is as important as my active thought process, I started to feel free.

I gradually learned to slow down, give less attention to my thinking and create more room to feel myself within.

The further training in mindfulness meditation enhanced my ability to be present to my experience outside the punishing thinking and allowed me to filter my conscious activity much smoothly and with less pressure and associated distress.

As I permitted myself access to more aspects of my being and I learned to inhabit my body more and more, I felt my soul deeper and I moved out of the darkness of my mind into a lighter and more peaceful way of being, able to control my mind flow and its sometimes very unhealthy tendencies.


 My story is not isolated. Every day I meet people trapped in their mental activity, turmoiled by conflicts and driven by “shoulds” and ‘musts” at the cost of unnecessary suffering. It’s what we’ve learned and stepping out of that way of being is not easy, but is very possible.

Throughout our lives we all change, grow and move towards enlightment. Every single one of us has this ability to open up towards our inner experiences, but how do we find the way there?

I remember I had a chat with someone recently about expanding our views in life and we talked for hours about learning from various teachings to reach advancement and illuminism.

We spoke about a number of books and their teachings but only towards the end we realized we missed out the intuition and wisdom we all access when we listen to our souls and the awareness and insight we receive from attending our physical bodies.

As you are now naturally and without effort on your way to enlightment, I would like to invite you to acknowledge you soul and body as much as you listen to your mind.

If you really care about yourself, permit yourself to stop thinking now and connect with your soul and your physical body for a minute.

Let your heart speak to you and silence those voices from the outer world. Touch and nurture your body and soul and follow their leads, because you are much more than your mind.

If you continue to let your mind drive your life and ignore your soul and body you will continue to suffer.

You must stop that insane thinking that is controlling your mind. You can take back the control over your life!

Free yourself from your punishing mind!

Just breathe and BE, for a few seconds at a time!

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