Sort out your relational problems in one focused therapy programme

With the 1 Day Relationship Repair Retreat that helps you do exactly that.

So you don’t have to wait for weeks or months to feel joy and inner peace again

those old times in school, waiting for the bell to end the lessons?

In therapy it is the other way around. The 50 min sessions go so quickly that many clients ask at the end: “is it over already?”. I heard this way too often.

And I listened too. This is why I designed the intensive relationship retreat that starts and ends on the same day so you don’t have to leave frustrated and tense wondering if you’ll find a solution to your problems during the next week session. 

How great must it feel to find a solution to your problems within a full day therapy programme? And walk lighter and relieved on your way back home? Come join me and find out!


Introducing the 1 Day Relationship Repair Retreat

A face to face exclusive programme to help you resolve your complex relational problems, learn the skill to prevent and deal with future problems on your own and develop the ability to master relationships with finesse and grace. 

because we all know that we find in Relationships both:

√ an infinite source of happiness, connection and fulfilment

√ the stability and safety we need in life 

But we all come to the point when we acknowledge that relationships are prone to conflicts and tension that can mess up our lives completely.


Here’s the painful truth

When life gets hard, if we are not equipped with the tools we need to face it, we struggle, and we struggle badly sometimes. 

Do you remember that lesson about coping with betrayal? Or the ones dealing with a difficult family member, stopping others undermine you or looking at life from behind your mind? I don’t. Perhaps you missed that too?

But there is nothing to worry about. As we experience the highs and lows of life we all learn to live well, despite the hardship and challenges.

And now, when you find yourself at a crossroad, struggling with an issues or two (or more), it is time for learning again. It is time to move your focus from the outer world and the events that upset you, onto your inner space.

It is time for a deep soul search and a mental makeover

To resolve your struggles once and for all.

To achieve tranquility and relieve distress and tension.

To reconnect with your real self and what is meaningful to you.

To open to happiness and bring back excitement into your life.

To gain a profound sense of clarity and direction in life.


Because when you leave issues unresolved, they don’t just go away, oh no! They grow bigger and bigger underneath that deceitful “normality” and when they surface again, they can shatter your life.  

This is why I created the 1 Full Day Relationship Repair Retreat

for you…

… tired of conflicts and tension with your partner, children or other family members.

… going through breakup, divorce or significant loss.

… devastated by the betrayal of a person very close to your heart that has challenged your trust in people and the humanity.

… consumed by the impact of your early or recent trauma on your body-mind-spirit-environment.

… drained from letting others undermine and diminish you in life and work only because you cannot let that voice  inside of you speak out. 

… worn by your full time mother role and feeling disconnected from your dreams and aspirations.

… exhausted with the hustle  at work, the lack of appreciation and working only to pay the bills.

… frustrated with norms and rules and disregarded in your efforts to make an impact in your community or this world.

… annoyed with the world systems and institutions that allow discrimination, inequality and prejudice affect your life.

… feeling lost, confused and disheartened, going through an identity crisis and unsure of your self-worth.

1 powerful and transformational intensive therapy programme

To help you ease your distress, gain awareness and understanding, and reframe your problem so you can get quick, solution focused and permanent life changing results. 

1 journey of self-discovery, healing and personal growth, fully personalised to your needs. 

Allowing you access to the 4 essential tools and all other theories behind our work together, not only to foster understanding, but also to give you a framework to comprehend the 3 entangled minds, the dynamic of the 4 relationships circles, the necessary values for a happy life and the personality theory which you can use in the future to sort out problems on your own.


you just show up for our session

You set your goals and I will guide you achieve them in one full day intensive and transformational programme. 

Fully controlled by you. You place of choice. Your speed. Your depth. Your intensity.

Where? Anywhere you feel safe and comfortable to explore your life, resolve your burning issues and find inner peace. Or in one of my 3 locations.

In a completely respectful, judgment-free, private and confidential space.

bring your turmoil. leave lighter, hopeful and at peace.

Your Full Day Relationship Retreat

Ideal if you are struggling with conflicts, worries, dilemmas or upsets in your relationships.

To help you find the answers to your burning questions in 1 day and move towards a sense of clarity, relief and balance in life.


√ Time to remove the blind from your eyes 

√ Uncover the root of your problems

√ Find out why people behave like that 

√ Understand why you respond the way you do

√ Gain awareness of the dynamic around you 

√ Open your mind to a new perspective

√ Explore the best outcome of your situation 

√ Discover clear and attainable solutions 

√ Learn to prevent relational issues in the future 

√ Celebrate your success and go back to enjoying life.

Why wait any longer?

Yes, it is that simple. When you believe and take action!

1 Day Retreat + 3 Email after Care support


1 Full Day Relationship Repair Retreat

One day of pure self-discovery, problem solving and personal development.

to help you find solutions to your current problems and teach you bridge the path between your “here and now”, the past that shaped you, and your desired future so you can get what you want in life and manage your relationships with ease and finesse from now on.


√ Get in touch with your 3 entangled minds and uncover those unconscious experiences that act as barriers in your attempt to enjoy life and fulfill your given purpose.

√  Understand you current circumstances in relationships and sort out the stringent problems you are struggling with right now.

√  Learn about the significance of the past in your life.

√  Get rid of the luggage you’ve carried on your shoulders for such a long time.

√  Accept, be grateful, forgive and make amends if needed.

√  Strip yourself of the old and artificial in you to create room for a renewed self.

√  Clarify your aspirations for the future, make a plan of action and start moving towards achieving them.

We will cover


The 5 “Must Know” for happy and fulfilling relationships

√ Attachment style, emotional expression and boundaries 

√ Exploration of self-confidence, self-esteem and self-worth development

√ Healthy/unhealthy patterns of thinking and behaviour 

√ The dynamic of power, influence and manipulation

√ Personal values, needs and expectations


it only takes one day to START transformING your life

8 hour programme + 3 email after-care support


The 1 Day Relationship Repair Retreat is For You If

You have a busy schedule and you seek timely solutions to your problems.

√ You have difficulties in at least 1 of the 4 relationship circles in your life.

√ You feel unwell inside and cannot bear the suffering anymore.

√ You are searching to understand yourself and those around you.

√ You wish to connect deeply with yourself and the others.

√ You are looking to answer some fundamental existential questions.

√ You need more clarity and direction in life.

√ You want to look at life and relationships from a new angle.

√ You trust that you can develop positive relationships with others.

√ You are searching to ease your anxiety and depression.

√ You are determined to bring happiness and fulfillment in your life.


Through the eyes of my clients

Read the FAQ

When are the sessions available?
Sessions are available Monday to Sunday and are booked well in advance.
Do I need to talk for an entire day?
No, the process is informal, smooth and pleasant. We will have a break at lunch time to rest and reflect on the progress.
Where will the session take place?
You can choose to meet in your desired place or in one of my 3 consulting rooms, in London, Costa del Sol or Bucharest.
What is it like to have a 1 Day Retreat?
This is a fascinating process that allows you to engage in a much deeper exploration of self, others and the world around you.
Are there tests, evaluations and diagnosis taking place?
No, I look beyond the medical model to explain human behaviour and I believe our problems come from a range of factors not necessarily from an illness.
Will I resolve my problem in one session?
Yes, as long as you engage with the process and are clear of your desired outcome. Only if you don't want you don't get what you're looking for.
Do I get after-care support?
Yes, you get email support from me 3 times after the full day programme to ensure you have all yourn questions answered. We can also meet via online platforms or book another face to face session if needed.
What if I have a complex issue and I need more time?
The "complexity" of the issue is does not necesarily require more time in the programme. An important part of the work gets implemented after the retreat in your day to day life.
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