– It is asserted that different therapies are working for different people also that some therapies are generally more effective than others. With over 400 modalities known to date and contradictory data from researches, it is equally difficult for clients, practitioners and funding bodies to agree on the most efficient approach.

+ The Expansive Psychotherapy integrates the science of psychology and 6 talking therapies to maximize the therapeutic outcome. Combined together, they are highly effective in the challenges faced by people in our modern world.

– The current therapeutic setting is rather rigid and requires the clients to visit the therapists in their consulting rooms on a weekly basis, at the same previously agreed time of appointment, for a 50 min session.

+ The fresh, modern and creative Expansive Psychotherapy maintains the therapeutic frame and contract whilst embracing a more flexible approach towards the location and duration of the session and develops the treatment around the needs of the client.

– The current trend in psychotherapy presents the practitioner as an ‘expert” that teaches the client how to manage their emotional and mental problems. 

+ The Expansive Psychotherapy meets the client with the practitioner in a space of equality and upholds that the practitioner does not know everything and encourages the clients to use their intuition and wisdom to ease their distress and achieve their dreams.

– The conventional therapies following the medical model take a polarized view to mental wellbeing and split the human experience in either mentally healthy or mentally ill.

+ The  Expansive  Psychotherapy looks at our life experience as being a natural human manifestation and views mental wellbeing oscillating naturally on a continuum of experience, back and forth between well and unwell.

– The medical model asserts that 1 in 4 people will suffer from a mental illness and perceives human life experience as a symptom related to an illness, based on a standard set of diagnostic criteria. To avoid being labeled and categorised, people hide their inner experience and suppress their emotions.

+ The  Expansive  Psychotherapy asserts that people go through similar experiences in life which is an inclusive and accepting stance. This empowers people feel adequate in the world and encourages them to share their inner experiences with others and thus heal and change.

– The therapies following the medical model aim to change the people from the outside, to alter their thinking and behaviours and remove the “symptoms” from their lives. They apply the same treatment to everybody and most times the results do not last because they do not consider the wholeness and the depth of each person.

+ The  Expansive  Psychotherapy is guiding people within themselves to find out who they really are, who they want to be, what is meaningful to them in life and how they want to live their lives. The work is tailored to each person which is helping people understand themselves, their drives, impulses, desires, habits, behaviours, thoughts and emotions. This is further helping people make use of their intuition and wisdom to find the cause of their struggles and use their personal experience to change from the inside out.

– The clinical setting involves  assessment, judgement and evaluation which can make people think there is something wrong with them. When people feel scrutinized by the practitioner in a complex power dynamic it can make them more prone to build defenses around them which is delaying the growth & healing process.

+ In the Expansive Psychotherapy space people share their lives at a person to person level, like two people moving together through the joys and sorrows of life. This way people feel encouraged to accept themselves, they start living in congruence with whom they actually are, they learn to live in harmony with their inner and outer world and they align themselves to their real path in life.

– The therapies following the medical model rely on DSM 5 and ICD 10 classifications to diagnose people as “mentally ill” invoking a genetic, biochemical or neuroanatomy cause. Keeping the focus on a scientific explanation, they ignore completely the role of human nature in our development and day to day living, also the impact of the world systems on our wellbeing.

+ The Expansive Psychotherapy advocates that nothing that is human is foreign to any of us and looks at human beings from a place of no judgement, free of labels and categorizations. Using this integrative and eclectic approach people learn that their manifestations have natural causes such as unhealthy learning patterns, trauma, personal/social/institutional distress, also needs, instincts, drives, desires, temptations, obsessions and fixations, common to the human nature and the social life we all share, and it is this awareness that helps them change and transform.

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