100% original and powerful 1 full day mindfulness wellbeing retreat package to guide you reconnect with yourself, relieve tension and fully de-stress.

Book this retreat and I will work exclusively with you for an entire day in your place or in any of my 3 locations.

You will have a full day of relaxation using mindfulness and other meditation techniques, to stimulate awareness, achieve tranquility and relieve high levels of stress and extenuation.

This One Day Mindfulness Retreat will work with you at transpersonal level, regardless of your level of spirituality, and will offer you insight into various healing traditions around the world.

At the end of this retreat programme you will feel invigorated and at peace with your current existence and will discover increased interests in further self-development and personal growth.

This retreat is suitable for face to face meetings only. Great for one to one, couples, families and groups of friends that feel comfortable working together in an intimate space.



1 x full day of grounding and relaxation with me.

Over 2 sessions, AM and PM.

Lunch break in between.

Relax as much as you wish.

One to one. Couple. Family. Group of friends (max 4).

Face to face only.

Any day of the week.

In your place. In the nature. In any of my 3 locations.


√ Create space and time to relax and unwind.

√ Let go of worries and stress.

√ Make self-care your priority.

√ One click, one payment, one step towards wellbeing.

Fees starting at: £797 Individual, £997 Couples, £1,197 Groups

(Depending on your urgency, my availability, our locations & travel expenses).


Couple: Female, 31, Model & Male, 49, CEO & Entrepreneur

“We had the One Day Mindfulness Retreat to relax after a couple of months of intense travelling. We wanted to try something special and we both felt the need for quietness and peace. This retreat package was perfect for us, a must try and repeat without doubt.

Imagine you have your own specialist coming at your home where you feel comfortable and safe. Imagine you can walk bare feet around your house, lay down for mindfulness on the grass in your garden, take a break and make your own cup of tea when you wish to, feel in control all the time. On top of this, you have Nicoleta guiding you to let go, helping you to learn about yourself, teaching you to bring you mind, soul and body in symbiosis, and unexpectedly, resolve some of your couple communication issues at the same time. How else can you get all of these results in the space of one day? We both loved it. It was transformational and it left us relieved and connected. We both decided to continue with our personal and couple exploration”.
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