100 % original and powerful 3 days self-discovery & wellbeing retreat package to guide you connect with your real self and bring back excitement in your life.

I will work exclusively with you for 3 full days and we will work on your current life experience including all aspects of your existence: personal, professional, social, spiritual, financial, etc.

The 3 Days Intensive Self-Discovery invites you to work intensively with your mental map, from your relational style and limited beliefs to your response to constricting societal rules and forgotten dreams and aspirations.

At the end of this retreat programme you will start reconnecting with your real self and what is really meaningful to you and understand what needs to change to bring back excitement and happiness into your life.

This package is suitable for face to face meetings only, for both individual and couple work (when both partners are committed to work together through their personal and couple problems).



3 x days of wellbeing with me.

Flexible AM and PM sessions each day.

Time for reflection in between.

Intensive work. You control the  speed.

Go as deep as you wish. You control the flow and intensity.

One to one. Couples.

Face to face only.

In your place. In the nature. In any of my 3 locations.


 √ Get rid of confusion and emptiness.

√ It’s time for clarity & direction in your life.

√ Time to fulfill your dreams.

√ To relieve your inner pain.

√ To discover the inner peace you are longing for.

√ To bring back excitement in your life.

√ One click, one payment, one life changing decision.

√ Fee starting at £2,397.

(Depending on your urgency, my availability, our locations & travel expenses).


Female, 35, Journalist

“I signed up for the 3 Days Intensive Self-Discovery in the midst of my most challenging times, when I was down in all aspects of my life. I would lie if I said I had great expectations. I didn’t, but I wasn’t well and I needed support. This offer stood out through its uniqueness and flexibility and, to be honest, it made me really curious.

In my mind I imagined it would be a conventional therapy programmed, just go there, talk, release the tension and leave, with the difference that the sessions did not have to end in one hour. Far away from the reality. I was blown away by this journey, an absolute unbelievable experience. It feels surreal that everything happened in 3 days. What a jump from where I was to where I ended up being. I got material to write not an article, but an entire book and I managed to move through the difficulties in my relationship towards some clarity, forgiveness and acceptance. How special to learn so much about me and the relationship with myself in such a short time. I replaced the emptiness with excitement and I reconnected with my purpose in life. Superb work, thank you Nicole”.

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