100% original, powerful and transformational 7 days personal development & wellbeing retreat package to guide you through a deep soul search and mental makeover to gain a profound sense of self and direction in life and move towards self-fulfillment.

I will work exclusively with you for an entire week, during your holiday away at your desired destination.

We will meet for 6 x daily AM and 6 x daily PM sessions with space for reflection in between and we will have a mid day ending session on the 7th day to celebrate your amazing transformation.

This One Week Deep Inner Search Holiday is suitable for you if you are going through a life crisis that requires distancing from the scene of suffering, or just want a deep soul search and mind makeover.

You will do intensive work on a personal level including your past, present and future life, but you will absolutely love this process of self-discovery.

The success of this retreat programme relies on your determination and openness to work on personal issues and your resilience and discipline in life.

At the end of this retreat you will feel a profound sense of self and direction in life, you will feel grounded and connected with yourself, others and the world around you, and you will start moving towards self-fulfillment.

This retreat is suitable for face to face meetings only, for both individual and couple work (when both partners are committed to work together through their personal and couple problems).



7 days of personal development & wellbeing.

Flexible AM & PM sessions over 6 days.

Flexible ending session over the 7th day.

Intensive work. You control the speed.

Go as deep as you wish. You control the flow.

One to one. Couples.

Face to face only.

In your desired destination.


 It’s time to take control of your life.

 Find out who you really are at the core of your being.

 Connect with your inner intuition, wisdom, dreams and aspirations.

 Learn how the world around you has shaped you in how you are today.

v Write your own story of success and good life on Earth.

v Design your own authentic life, in your own terms.

 Search for what brings your life purpose and meaning and go for it.

√ Start your fantastic journey of self-discovery & personal development.

√ Are you looking for answers in the outer world? Search no more.

√ You hold all the answers in you. I will guide you find them.

√ Real life-long changes start within.

√ Understand yourself, others and the world around you.

√ Find clarity and direction in life.

√ Learn to respond to challenges and move through conflict.

√ Heal your inner wounds.

√ Learn to nurture positive and fulfilling relationships.

√ And create a life you love living.

√ One click, one payment, one powerful life transformation.

√ Fee starting at £4,997.

(Depending on your urgency, my availability, our locations & travel expenses).


Female, 47, Actress

“I’ve been through a terrible relapse and when my publisher told me I can go away on a holiday to recover and I can have my private coach with me to work through my problems for an entire week I thought that was a very interesting concept. I had no clue how it’s going to work out, but I am pleased with myself that I considered it.

In a way it felt like I had my personal mobile rehab developed around me and my needs, and I found it so comforting to be a tourist on holiday and also get the support of such an experienced professional. I liked the package, it was very well structured, yet flexible and gentle. Nicoleta treated me with the utmost respect and kindness and I was surprised to see how culturally attuned she is. I had a lot of support over the years, but this package was different. It made me feel I am a person and not a patient and it allowed me to feel human and understand parts of my journey that I could not grasp before. We spent most of the time in the nature and this was also so unusual, yet helpful. I had one week to nurture my body, heal my soul and tidy up my mind. It worked miracles. I found the answers I was searching for: I learned to handle conflicts and I am now working to repair my relationships which were my main triggers in life.  I am in a different space now and I am more aware of my life and more connected with myself and the others. This is a place where I feel stronger and less in need to self-medicate. The future looks positive. Brilliant result”.

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