5 benefits of forgiveness

We all get hurt in life, but not all of us can forgive and move on. 

Forgiveness is difficult in circumstances where the abuse has left deep scars into our hearts and souls but holding onto them keeps reenacting the suffering. 

Too very often I see clients stuck in their painful past experiences, unable to accept what happened and unwilling to discuss about it.

To find inner peace we need to break through the suffering and avoidance and take action to understand what happened, to accept those experiences and learn from them, also to embrace forgiveness which is absolutely essential for our mental wellbeing.

Here are the 5 benefits of forgiveness:

  1. Forgiveness lessens our anger and resentment and allows us to feel joy and happiness in life.
  2. Forgiveness removes our rumination and the flashbacks of the event and creates mental space for work, hobbies, self-care and social connection.
  3. Forgiveness reduces our depression, anxiety and other manifestations that follow an unpleasant life event.
  4. Forgiveness reinstates hope in ourselves, others and the humanity.
  5. Forgiveness is vital to our healing and brings us liberation, personal growth and inner freedom.

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