Do you find therapy scary?

These are the most common reasons that scared my clients to start the inner work:

1. Some tried it and it did not work. They got scared before they had the chance to get some meaning out of it. Or, they were not ready at that time for that level of exposure. Luckily, some do not give up, they tried again.

2. Others never tried it and imagined therapy was what they saw in the movies. They were right to doubt it as our profession has not managed to remove the many myths surrounding it in more than a century, but they gave it a go and in the end therapy has really transformed their life.

3. There were some that believed in the medical model and thought people were either mentally healthy or mentally ill. They were wrong and in the therapy process they understood that our mental wellbeing is oscillating on a continuum of experience back and forth from well to unwell.

4. Some clients hated the idea of being labeled and evaluated. I understood them and they loved my modern approach to Expansive Psychotherapy.

5. A good number of clients came to see me for personal development only, with a “no childhood bullshit” demand. Their learned that their future’s foundation was actually their past and gained clarity, moved through conflicts, healed old wounds and registered fantastic personal growth in the end.

6. Most human beings are frightened by what they might discover within. It is natural to respond that way to the unknown. We’ve all been programmed to think life is easy, we should be happy all the time, and that we need to be perfect and develop a balanced and outgoing personality. Why expose ourselves to the unpleasant facets of our being?

Would you do it?

If you feel you wouldn’t, I’ll tell you why you should: because you deserve to create and live an authentic and fulfilled life. And the only way to do that is to stop following the crowds and search within for what brings you joy, happiness, meaning and purpose in life.

So, trust yourself and do it. Because you are worthy!

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