Alongside my executive coaching programme available for professionals in work, I offer a personalised Corporate Exclusive service for a small number of companies.

This is designed to help the corporate leaders understand and manage the manifested and concealed dynamic within the teams and adjust the leadership and the company culture to foster a positive, inclusive and successful business environment.

My Corporate Exclusive service is based on a bespoke wellbeing initiative that considers both the executive/stakeholder position and the employee workforce.

I only work with selected corporations up to 500 employees and I provide comprehensive reports & plans of action that can be easily implemented and smoothly monitored.

My bespoke wellbeing initiatives considers the specific of that industry also the particularities of the workforce and is based on a holistic approach. It accounts for the need for employee performance, efficiency, retention and corporate progress & development, but also for the employees’ physical, mental, financial, social, personal and professional wellness. This is the winning formula for corporate success.

The Corporate Exclusive service is perfect for small and medium visionary corporate organisations that recognize the fast changes triggered by the digital world we live in and are genuinely willing to shift cultures and adjust their perspective to our modern world.

my approach

I am not your typical corporate consultant. I see beyond the company’s big picture and I offer clear and concise guidance to alter the organisational dynamic and create effective and lasting cultural shifts. 

I understand the employee psychology from the inside out and I suggest in my reports realistic and creative measures that leaders can implement to motivate their teams and move the company towards greater successes in an organic and not forceful way.

My work is different as I take a fresh view on the project not contaminated by the exclusive work with corporate organisations.

I am an expert in people and I believe that the key to take the company to success is in the dynamic of the teams, an area very often misunderstood, ignored, or understated.

At the core of my report will be the communication avenues between the workforce and leadership which is sometimes filled with misconstrued ideas and negative relationship patterns.

My strategies and tactics will aim to shift the dynamic into a vibrant, positive and stimulating environment and move naturally the company from great to excellent, right to the next level.


Phase 1 – Visit at your headquarters. Meetings with leaders and their teams. Surveys & information collection.

Phase 2 – Report writing.

Phase 3 – Report presentation. Questions answered. Plan of action for monitoring and results measurement.

*Agreement for further support e.g. team workshops and seminars, 1:1 executive coaching with specific members of the team, etc.

For small organisations up to 100 employees it can take +3 days. Fee: starting at 3,000 

For organisations between 100 and 300 employees it takes +4 days. Fee: starting at £4,000

For organisations between 300 and 500 employees it takes +5 days. Fee: starting at £5,000

(Fees depending on your urgency, my availability, our locations & travel expenses).