About our default functioning

We come on Earth with a blank sheet of life experience.

The family, the school and the systems of this world are molding us throughout life and influence our way of being.

Our personality develops as a way of adapting to life and responding to our own needs, but also to the needs of others and the world around us.

All our beliefs, habits, behaviours, way of thinking, feeling, relating with ourselves and engaging with others and the world around us are instilled in us from the outside.

Some are beneficial to us, but others are not doing us any good. Yet, our programming is very strong and cannot be edited so easily. 

Human mind learns to function in a certain way and will continue to run like that automatically, by default, unless we stop it. Luckily, we can take conscious control of our minds and we can design our own lives the way we want.

We can nurture our minds in the same way we nurture our bodies and souls, and we can practice self-awareness to discover ourselves and understand the others and the world around us. 

You can do this, too. To make the best of your life you can remove those parts of your programming that are not healthy for you and you can let go of anything that is negative and destructive in your life. This way, you can create space for better ways of being, aligned to the new you, the one you are becoming each day.

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