3 tips to manage stress at the end of the year

Everybody seems to get a bit tense and agitated towards the end of the year.

This is by far the most challenging time of the year, with the highest break-ups and divorce rate, with conflicts and significant strain on relationships, with the desire to have a “perfect”celebration”, with accidents, excesses and life crisis.

It’s a fact of life that at the end of the year the stress levels tend to get higher.

We’ve had amazing times, fantastic achievements, we’ve created wonderful memories, but we also accumulated distress, losses and unfulfilled dreams

And on top of this we face the excitement and the anxiety of the festive season. Shopping, presents, travelling, reuniting with family and friends, with people dear to us and people less welcome in our lives.

They create a cocktail of emotions that can keep us tense and worried.

So here are 3 tips to manage the stress at the end of the year. Follow them and you will see immediate improvements in your wellbeing:

1st tip – allow yourself a few moments of awareness. Be present to your inner life as often as you remember. Jut close your eyes and take a few deep breaths, inhaling through the nose and exhaling through the mouth

Breathe in oxygen, peace and tranquility and breathe out sadness, fears and grief.

Breathe in health, joy and happiness and breathe out lies, pain, bitterness.

Breathe in hope, acceptance and goodness and breathe out the control, the obsessions and suffering.

To enhance this beautiful feeling of calmness and relaxation you can continue your meditation using my audiobook with antistress hypnotherapy  at home, using the link below:

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Coming back to the second tip 2nd – make space for a little life introspection. Write down on a piece of paper, on your laptop or mobile 3 different sections:

  • What went well this past year, what did you enjoy, what did you achieve, what are the most memorable events and their impact on your life
  • What did not go that well. Make note of upsets, obstacles, struggles, trauma, unfinished business and think of the lessons you learned and what wisdom you` take with you in the future
  • On last column write down what do you want for the next year. What are your hopes and expectations? What are your desires and aspirations?

And when you are ready with that, use the 3rd tip –  make a plan of action. Write down and read out loud the steps you could make to transform 2020 in the best year of your life. What is it that you want to keep from your current life? Is there anything you want to let go? Think of what is not serving you anymore, what is not necessary in your life anymore. It could be a job, a person, a house, a car, a hobby, a behavior, a belief…

And as you create space for the NEW, think what else would you like to bring in your life to give it a makeover, to start afresh, to renew your self, to find meaning and purpose to create a life you live living.

You will see that when you follow  this 3 step guide you will gain more clarity and direction in life

And when that happens, you will notice how your stress levels are moving down allowing for peace, joy and hope to return back into your heart.

Merry Christmas to you all!

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