1st step to reconnect with your real self

A few nights ago we spent an amazing time in a cosy seminar & cocktail gathering at Marbella Club Hotel where we spoke about finding and holding onto happiness.

Participants loved the conversation and asked a few relevant questions:

– Does happiness come from within or from the outer world? And how do we reconnect with ourselves and the wonderful resources we all hold inside?

I am happy to guide you in this area, so today I will be giving you a tool to make the 1st steps towards reconnecting with your real self.

Here is a short mindfullness session I developed over the years learning from what’s working and not in the field of guided meditation.

Practice this every day or as often as you can do it and you will see huge improvements in your wellbeing in a short space of time. After you learn to be in touch with your mind, body and soul you can then move on to the next stage of connecting with yourself at a much deeper level.

This little “ME TIME” is really helpful at any time of the day:

+ Perfect in the morning to set you up for an amazing day.
+ Great at lunch to ground you within yourself.
+ Fantastic in the evening before bed to let go of the tension.

My clients find it very useful between sessions and post-therapy. I do hope you will enjoy it too.

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